Not so Picture Perfect Normal Kind of Day

im not perfect but i try to be - Google Search:

One of those days….you have gone to bed checking out all the picture perfect blogs and the stunning home photos on Instagram and you think, tomorrow, yes, tomorrow I will strive to be just like this….


Awwww reminds me of my Bully when she would go Bye Bye:

Wake up to alarm…so hot that eyes are stuck together, eventually prise open left eye to check the time….Chris bounces in with a cup of tea like Tigger on Lucozade, only naked…..other eye pops open…..remember I am short sighted…hugely….so shut it again.

Get up, collect up laptops, lunch, phone, bag….

Go to  work, leaving lunch at home on the kitchen floor….

Get to work, realise one of the laptop leads is also on the kitchen floor, this means transporting the one lead I have between two computers during the day….I cannot count the times I forgot to do this during the day….

Five minutes in it becomes apparent that the warehouse is storing heat nicely on the hottest day of the year and I might as well be in a sauna… it is also the busiest day of the year….I eventually managed to send out 104 parcels…

By now all of my clothes are wet, it’s like coming out of the gym, like a hundred years ago when I used to go to the gym….

Working the treadmill, circa 1920. Complete with ballet shoes, these women look glamorous and very stylish in their workout garb. These machines are made of wood and steel and are 100% human powered. Running a mile must have felt like 5.:

I am sprinting around the office like a gazelle…..this is not true…..picking and packing, flicking sweat around….starting to get hungry….thinking a cardboard box looks kind of tasty…..Chris turns up with a Mugshot for me….I begin to hallucinate….cake on the shelf….

Eventually, after the courier collections and the Royal Mail collections, it’s throw everything in the car….if you think the warehouse was like a sauna, the car is ten times worse….and oh my days!! The steering wheel!!! Hot or what!!

Funky steering wheel cover #DIY this is perfect for summer when the wheel gets hot.:

Where, oh where, can I get me one of these????

Home, following a horse truck at 20mph down the hill….now I normally have no trouble following a slow moving horse vehicle…after all they have to look after the animals, but, I am trying to create a breeze here,  there is no breeze at 20 and the only overtaking point, yep, something coming the other way…..

Pure happiness:

Home, eat a piece of cake….shower, aaaaah bliss…..change of clothes….off to school for a Duke of Edinburgh presentation in a very hot room….guys, this is not peri-menopause friendly!!

A Breeze from the Window Fan:

I fight the urge to do this….I must remain the “cool” parent…not knowing the giggling at the back of the room is my daughter showing her friends all the snapchat filter pictures of me…..

Time to go back to work to do some more…..I manage about 20 minutes with Georgia’s help…then home with only enough energy to muster up a cheese sandwich and a bowl of ice cream…..

Now to bed to check out some awesome Instagram inspirations and wonder if my house will ever look anything like this….most likely not….but a girl can dream….

Golden Oldies Maude (Sku#I1238) from Art Impressions. Funny handmade card.:

Here’s to tomorrow……another not so picture perfect….but perfect day….

Geri xxx

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