Lazy Wednesday

It has been one of those days today, so much to do but so little inclination…even pulling the laptop out would be too much effort so you find me snuggled under the duvet in my fluffy and seen much better days dressing gown.  I rushed home to watch Pretty Little Liars….not really my thing until Georgia got me addicted to it….threw horrible ready made supermarket pizzas in the oven and had shop ice cream to wash it down.  Found some energy to load the dishwasher and the washing machine then crept off to bed.  Tomorrow is indeed a better day full of possibilities!  

On a more positive note, the garden may still resemble a building site but the garage and upstairs office are starting to come together now!

Time to start planning the bunting!!

I think I shall nap now…..

Geri xx

Random Acts Of Kindness and Love


If you haven’t seen the little Portuguese boy and the French fan video clip on the news yet….take the time to take a look…it’s only a few seconds…you have the time…


Click here and just take a few seconds to see how it should be…. don’t worry it won’t take you somewhere viral, it’s just You Tube… I don’t think I can put videos on here yet….if ever…

It’s great to see this at a football match!

And isn’t it great to see someone so young showing such compassion and massive respect and common sense….

French man, much respect to you too….great reaction.

Can we just try and be kind…whether it’s your family, your best friend or a stranger you pass in the street…this is all it takes, a few seconds out of your day to make life better even if just for that moment for somebody else….

And as for acts of love??


Let’s not see this as anything other than it really is…a mother loving her daughter…I kiss my daughter on the lips and I kiss my mother on the lips…it’s because we all love each other hugely….nothing more sinister than that….

So, Victoria Beckham….I might never follow your diet or share the same air space as the legend that is David Beckham, but I do follow your ideas of loving your family…simple….


Peace and much love!

Geri xxx

Straight Talking and Chicken Curry

Straight Talking by Jane Green – (amazon affiliate link)

This could be about your best friend. Or your girlfriend. Or it might be about you.

Are you Tasha – single and searching?
Or her best friends:
Andy, hooked on passion;
Mel, stuck in a relationship with a bastard;
or Emma, endlessly waiting for her other half to propose?

Do you know an Andrew – suave, good-looking and head over heels in love . . . with himself?
Or a Simon – allergic to commitment and dangerously treacherous?
Or even an Adam – handsome, kind, humorous, but too nice to be sexy?

Follow them all in their journey to find fulfillment and love.

Well…..apart from a strange probably about a month long period in my life,  I don’t really relate to Tasha, in fact she is so far removed from me we are at opposite ends of the spectrum ….but we all know somebody just like her.  Me, probably more like Mel….to quote….”Mel doesn’t care about clothes, about money, about appearances….”  “She’s not unattractive, Mel, or at least she wasn’t, when we first met, but she’s put on masses of weight, and her dark curly hair usually looks like it needs a bloody good brush….” Yep, this sounds like me….

This book is great, several giggles….Jane Green does have the ability to describe those moments in life….don’t we all have them….  The central question here, do we need never ending passion?   If that overwhelming passion isn’t there…are we with the right person? ….with The One?  I know what I think….give it a read and make your own conclusions…  I thought I knew how this would end, but, there was a moment where I was in suspense, so much so that I had to stay in bed with some toast and tea and finish it this morning…

I am a Jane Green fan and find her books easily readable and honest.  Delving into relationships, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.  Now to decide which book to read next?

Georgia returned from her Duke of Edinburgh expedition this afternoon…


Puts me to shame lying in bed reading so late…. she is in fine spirits even though appears to be hobbling a little….and the peeling off of the wet socks was a sight not to be repeated….

Food this evening was inspired by Hemsley and Hemsley Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Rice – I didn’t have all of the ingredients and I like Broccoli thrown in with the Cauliflower Rice so just a little different..


But, now I have the The Art of Eating Well book by the Hemsley sisters down from the shelf, there will be much more experimentation…


I can report that the Gooseberry Bush has made it out in the wilds and has now been joined by the ElderFlower bush…. Timmy Twoshoes and Mollie Topshop have been banished again to the utility room as one of them has found the need to wee on my Eden Zipwire voucher which had been left on the floor next to the sofa….I am certain this must mean that the voucher is invalid….I can only hope….

And now it is Sunday night yet again….


Time for a new book.

Geri xxx

The Happy Gooseberry Bush


So, today, instead of spending my time Facebook scrolling I spent the day finishing the laundry (there were mountains), giving us fresh, clean sheets for the end of a productive Saturday and finally taking the gooseberry bush out of the kitchen sink and putting it into a pot in the garden.


Being a complete garden beginner I had no clue exactly what I was doing but it does look pretty….and I very much enjoyed the small task of planting….we shall see if it survives the winds out there tonight…it looks like a strong little thing and the thorns, well yes, they hurt…..

GOOSEBERRY Hinnonmaki Green 3L – affiliate link to the gooseberry bush I purchased.

I had been inspired to buy the gooseberry bush by a recipe in The Simple Things Magazine


Don’t get too excited, I bought those gooseberries yesterday and scattered them in the kitchen sink to fool Christopher…..our little bush doesn’t have any fruit yet.  This cake is a Gooseberry and Elderflower Cake….guess what?? Tomorrow the Elderflower Bush will be planted….  If you see something in a magazine that looks great,  don’t just think it, go ahead and do it….I might be buying my gooseberries for a little while but eventually I will have my own and will be able to use them.  Currently trying to get some Elderflowers and will then have a go at the cake….sponge has never been my strong point but guess what again?  If you can’t do it, keep trying, it’s all in the practice and lots of it……

It’s a quiet night….Georgia is somewhere in the wilderness in a tent taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award… I am guessing she is OK as the only text I have had is asking if the Love Island Final is on tonight and if so, who has won….I have Googled and it is on Monday so it looks like she won’t miss it….great to see her priorities are remaining intact…..

I am off to enjoy the bliss that is clean sheets on a Saturday night with a Jane Green book….


Aha, mine’s already done!!!

Chillout time is mine….

Geri xxx