Spicy Roasted Chickpeas and Widemouth Sunset..


So, I am still in my quest to find healthy tasty food and I have been pretty much surprised that it actually is possible…..processed foods are becoming a thing of the past….even though I now realise I must exercise so much more to tone up those wobbly bits!  I knew this really, I just thought I might magically wake up as an Olympic Athlete without really trying….

Anyway, I have discovered spicy roasted chickpeas and make a huge batch so that they will last ages as a snack, but, they all get eaten at once, so they must be pretty tasty!


To try them out you will need :-

Approx 500g tin chickpeas – I use the organic kind.

1 tablespoon of paprika – I don’t measure exactly, just sprinkle it over liberally

1 tablespoon of cumin – supposed to be ground, but I didn’t have this so sprinkled it over in it’s whole seedy kind of state….

2 teaspoons of chilli flakes…again, we like it spicy! So sprinkled on more than this..

2 tablespoons of honey

Juice of half a lemon

Olive Oil and salt and pepper

To make (and it’s so easy!):-

Preheat that oven to 200C (fan 108C)

Drain the chickpeas and scatter then on a baking tray.

Sprinkle and drizzle all of your ingredients all over the chickpeas and give them a good mix so that they are all coated.

If want them crisp and crunchy bake for 45 minutes.  I sometimes have them crunchy  as a snack and sometimes bake them for less time to use as a side dish, they will be softer and easier to eat with a fork.

As easy as that! And so tasty!! Give it a go and see what you think!

Today…rain, rain, rain….last week the weather was beautiful so we nipped off to Widemouth Bay…Christopher to surf and us girls a bit of reading and then a BBQ…the little things are the most relaxing….a scattering of chilled out pictures for you!

Inspiration for the Spicy Chickpeas came from (affiliate link)

Deliciously Ella: Awesome ingredients, incredible food that you and your body will love

Ella has a newer book also I am about to purchase….so many things to make!!!

Have fun cooking your chickpeas!

Geri xxx

Nut Butter and Maca Fudge


So what is better on a Friday than to share some fudge with you! The original recipe comes from Livia’s Kitchen: Naturally Sweet and Indulgent Treats


I adore fudge and believe me keeping away from Granny Wobbly’s Fudge Shop in the village is painful….so finding this recipe was a beautiful moment in my life…

You can find a load of the recipes from it directly from Livia’s site here.  Me? I like to have some books on my shelf, I like to leaf through them and decide what to try next rather than having my eyes glued to a screen trying to find the next project…I like it when the pages get dirty because the book has been well used and every spec tells a story…So, you have the choice to browse Livia’s website or click on the link up there (affliliate link to Amazon) and get the copy for your happy kitchen shelf…simple…

The fudge recipe….changed ever so slightly as usual depending on what I have sitting in my cupboards…

350g Macademia Nut Butter (I forgot I had this, added bonus because I love this stuff)

65ml date syrup (I am reliably informed is about 4 and a half table spoons, easier to measure)

5 tablespoons of melted coconut butter (I had to buy some of this because I have never had it before – I use Healthy Supplies – they have a great range of products and so far so good, no delivery problems, no product problems.  This has no coconut taste or aroma, so for me I prefer coconut oil because I actually like the taste and the smell)…

5 tablespoons of maca powder (another new one on me, apparently very good for you and some sort of aphrodisiac! I gave Christopher loads of it…but all it seemed to do was give him very weird dreams…I know, I had to hear it in detail first thing in the morning)

half a teaspoon of salt

How to do it….so easy!

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.  At the end I added a handful of mixed nuts which had been blitzed up in the mini processor.

Line a tin with greaseproof paper – about 20cms x 20cms.

Pour in your mixture and flatten with the back of a spoon.  I also added a little naughtiness and blizted up a very small packet of white chocolate buttons and sprinkled over the top…I shall try not to do this next time, I am trying to give up the dreaded sugar and processed foods.

Put it in the freezer for an hour then take it out and cut into pieces.  You will need to store this in the freezer as it will get melty quite quickly, you can take them out when you want them and hardly need to wait before eating.  Ours is already gone, having eaten as a dessert along with strawberries and Cornish clotted cream, yum!!!


How delightful!!

Have a go and enjoy!

In other news, in brief…I tried soaking chia seeds in almond milk as found in Cook Happy, Cook Healthy – it was OK, it made a change on my all bran in the mornings and would have it again, but not my favourite dish yet..Still lots more in this book to try..

Christopher is painting the newly built garage…it might take him several years, it’s a larger garage than we anticipated…which causes procrastination it seems…


This is Christopher “painting”…

Thankfully it is now Friday night and don’t I just love Friday night!!  Early night and a book for me!  If you are having a party weekend, make it a groovy one….


Geri xxx (with the help of a glorious Snapchat filter)


I could not write this any better….I am rejoicing that I will make it out the other side!!! 🙂

Niki Malherbe



At the risk of revealing anything too private about my life (though it must be said that the concept of menopause, at this stage, is entirely mysterious and reserved for a select few whom I seldom meet or have heard much about) or my husband’s penis, I thought it necessary to impart the discussion I had with my gynecologist last week. It reinforced my belief that unless we talk to people and are excited to explore ideas about life, there doesn’t seem much point in it– though even more urgent for me is clearly the need to write about it.

Before I assumed the indescribably humiliating and mortifying position of undergoing a routine check- up with my Dr. when he nonchalantly says, ‘OK let’s take a look’ and…

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Good for your eyes & appetite

Looks delicious!!!

Well & Crafted


Summer in Seattle this year has been a little grayer and wetter than the last couple of years–still, on those blue sky-kind of days, it’s one of the loveliest places to be. This week is starting cool and rainy and ending (supposedly) with heat and sun. So, I’ve planned our meals accordingly. Tonight, dinner will be cooked in the oven and towards the end of the week, we’ll have a cold soba salad. The one exception, of course, is pizza Friday…unless we go to one of our favorite pizza places for dinner. Hmm, a plan is forming.

Dinner tonight was one our newer favorites, roasted carrots, tossed with za’atar, cumin, and lemon juice, served with a tangy, salty yogurt and some crusty bread. I tried this on a whim a few months ago after seeing a recipe in Cooking Light. Admittedly, I wasn’t too sure about it but was…

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Silverstone Classics and Ethel’s possible replacement…ssshhhh don’t tell her…


When offered a weekend camping at Silverstone and the opportunity to check out some classic cars….you have to say yes, right??  I was late to the game of driving….never really needing a car, there was always someone else to do it….Eventually in my early forties I learned.  I am not a natural driver, maybe it was a bit late to start, but I manage to do it now.  I managed somehow to pass using manual gears but soon found myself loving to drive an automatic….that’s when Ethel arrived, however, having only just passed the last MOT, we actually thought she would fail but she got through needing a new seat belt in the back – which is daft because I don’t have back seat passengers!  And, she needed a new windscreen wiper (gentle reminder Christopher, I am still needing my windscreen wiper water tank thingie filled, which I would do if I thought I could open the bonnet….she has some arthritis….)

Anyway, rambling aside, Silverstone with the classic cars was quite brilliant….I have pictures of some of my favourites and will share my possible next car with you….see what you think…..

The trip up was long, about 4 and a bit hours….I spent it nodding and twitching, trying to stay awake and not snore or dribble…


We got there, put the tent up in the rain and then wandered around the campsite checking out the vehicles….

Next day first sighting of possible next car, the Nissan Figaro!

What a little beauty!  The original colours represent the four seasons….Topaz Mist (autumn), Emerald Green (spring),  Pale Aqua (summer) and Lapis Grey (winter), some obvious pink resprays here, very cute.

If it looks familiar, Sarah Jane Smith drove one in the Sarah Jane Adventures, the Dr Who spin off series…


Princess Eugenie has one….


Mollie of the Saturdays….will I look like this filling up with petrol…ummmm…no…..


Anyway, my Figaro excitement aside, here are a selection of other favourite cars…..

And to top it all we got to see The Boomtown Rats and The Stranglers!


And you know what….I shouldn’t say I didn’t expect it…but Geldof was good!! I found myself pogo jumping, is that what it’s called….that was a surprise!  A great sensitive performance of I Don’t Like Mondays and my new favourite song The Boomtown Rats….

A great weekend spent with the delicious Christopher who does a spectacular belly flop…naked…into the tent pod when he catches his ginormous big toe on the tent….no pictures of that….sorry…I was laughing too much to get this for you…..

Tomorrow……new cookery books and culinary experimentations….


Geri xxx

Spicy Ginger Beef Stir Fry — Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary – thankyou Nicky this looks tasty!!

Spicy Ginger Beef stir fry – tender beef sirloin with crispy ginger, green veg and a simple-but-tasty Chinese-inspired sauce. It feels like I haven’t written anything in soooo long! I know you guys have been seeing posts from me, but we’ve actually been away on holiday for the last week. Gorgeous Venice and Lake Garda……

via Spicy Ginger Beef Stir Fry — Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary

Just Walk Away….Bad Timing

So, we spend the weekend at Silverstone checking out classic cars….nice!

Unfortunately, poor eyesight means I keep losing Christopher in the crowd….usually after using the many on site toilets….I am at that certain age now…

So, last toilet stop of the night….I leave the toilet, spot Christopher waiting for me….he hasn’t realised that I have already spotted him, so he decides to wave…..alas, as he throws his arm out to wave at me, a lady appears from behind him, walking past him…..oh no, bad timing or what…..yep, his hand is at face level and the poor thing gets it right in the nose……


I think he is almost as surprised as she is and apologises straight away…..absolutely mortified.

Unfortunately at this point she falls to the floor….oh dear….I feel our First Aid Training might be needed here….

However, before I can get there a pretty aggressive gentleman….obviously with the lady….appears.  He seems unable to comprehend that this was simply a matter of bad timing and that it was an accident.  He seems to think that our Christopher makes a habit of flooring random women outside of toilets….. Now we understand that he was being protective and to be fair, Christopher would probably do the same….but even with the lady herself telling him it was an accident he still felt the need to argue the point…


Sometimes it seems the only thing you can do is to walk away…. Such a huge shame as we wanted to make sure that she was OK.  So here, we apologise to that lady for having to leave and would like to give her a virtual hug …..massive bad timing….passing Christopher about to fling his arms out….we hope you are OK!!!

If it makes you feel any better he had another Frank Spencer moment the next morning when he took all the tent pegs out whilst I was still in it sweeping….I consequently got bashed on the head by a tent pole….not once….but twice….In future, he will be sweeping out the tent….

This will probably not reach her, but maybe we could just take this moment to try and be tolerant,  innocent accidents happen….all we can do is try and make amends and be sure everyone involved have made it out the other side in one piece….


Please do feel free to share, you never know, our sincere apology might just reach the person it is intended for…..

Tomorrow you get pictures of cars……classic cars…..and indeed there were some beauties!!

Happy Monday all!

Geri xxx