Just Walk Away….Bad Timing

So, we spend the weekend at Silverstone checking out classic cars….nice!

Unfortunately, poor eyesight means I keep losing Christopher in the crowd….usually after using the many on site toilets….I am at that certain age now…

So, last toilet stop of the night….I leave the toilet, spot Christopher waiting for me….he hasn’t realised that I have already spotted him, so he decides to wave…..alas, as he throws his arm out to wave at me, a lady appears from behind him, walking past him…..oh no, bad timing or what…..yep, his hand is at face level and the poor thing gets it right in the nose……


I think he is almost as surprised as she is and apologises straight away…..absolutely mortified.

Unfortunately at this point she falls to the floor….oh dear….I feel our First Aid Training might be needed here….

However, before I can get there a pretty aggressive gentleman….obviously with the lady….appears.  He seems unable to comprehend that this was simply a matter of bad timing and that it was an accident.  He seems to think that our Christopher makes a habit of flooring random women outside of toilets….. Now we understand that he was being protective and to be fair, Christopher would probably do the same….but even with the lady herself telling him it was an accident he still felt the need to argue the point…


Sometimes it seems the only thing you can do is to walk away…. Such a huge shame as we wanted to make sure that she was OK.  So here, we apologise to that lady for having to leave and would like to give her a virtual hug …..massive bad timing….passing Christopher about to fling his arms out….we hope you are OK!!!

If it makes you feel any better he had another Frank Spencer moment the next morning when he took all the tent pegs out whilst I was still in it sweeping….I consequently got bashed on the head by a tent pole….not once….but twice….In future, he will be sweeping out the tent….

This will probably not reach her, but maybe we could just take this moment to try and be tolerant,  innocent accidents happen….all we can do is try and make amends and be sure everyone involved have made it out the other side in one piece….


Please do feel free to share, you never know, our sincere apology might just reach the person it is intended for…..

Tomorrow you get pictures of cars……classic cars…..and indeed there were some beauties!!

Happy Monday all!

Geri xxx

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