Silverstone Classics and Ethel’s possible replacement…ssshhhh don’t tell her…


When offered a weekend camping at Silverstone and the opportunity to check out some classic cars….you have to say yes, right??  I was late to the game of driving….never really needing a car, there was always someone else to do it….Eventually in my early forties I learned.  I am not a natural driver, maybe it was a bit late to start, but I manage to do it now.  I managed somehow to pass using manual gears but soon found myself loving to drive an automatic….that’s when Ethel arrived, however, having only just passed the last MOT, we actually thought she would fail but she got through needing a new seat belt in the back – which is daft because I don’t have back seat passengers!  And, she needed a new windscreen wiper (gentle reminder Christopher, I am still needing my windscreen wiper water tank thingie filled, which I would do if I thought I could open the bonnet….she has some arthritis….)

Anyway, rambling aside, Silverstone with the classic cars was quite brilliant….I have pictures of some of my favourites and will share my possible next car with you….see what you think…..

The trip up was long, about 4 and a bit hours….I spent it nodding and twitching, trying to stay awake and not snore or dribble…


We got there, put the tent up in the rain and then wandered around the campsite checking out the vehicles….

Next day first sighting of possible next car, the Nissan Figaro!

What a little beauty!  The original colours represent the four seasons….Topaz Mist (autumn), Emerald Green (spring),  Pale Aqua (summer) and Lapis Grey (winter), some obvious pink resprays here, very cute.

If it looks familiar, Sarah Jane Smith drove one in the Sarah Jane Adventures, the Dr Who spin off series…


Princess Eugenie has one….


Mollie of the Saturdays….will I look like this filling up with petrol…ummmm…no…..


Anyway, my Figaro excitement aside, here are a selection of other favourite cars…..

And to top it all we got to see The Boomtown Rats and The Stranglers!


And you know what….I shouldn’t say I didn’t expect it…but Geldof was good!! I found myself pogo jumping, is that what it’s called….that was a surprise!  A great sensitive performance of I Don’t Like Mondays and my new favourite song The Boomtown Rats….

A great weekend spent with the delicious Christopher who does a spectacular belly flop…naked…into the tent pod when he catches his ginormous big toe on the tent….no pictures of that….sorry…I was laughing too much to get this for you…..

Tomorrow……new cookery books and culinary experimentations….


Geri xxx

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