Stop Looking For Happiness..


You know what I mean….remember that time you didn’t want to go out but you made the effort and it was the best time….Or that time you wanted to go out and you went and it was nothing like you had imagined it to be….. We do seem to spend a huge amount of time looking for happiness and then find it in the little things…when you weren’t particularly looking for it…. So, maybe this is right, maybe if we stop planning to find it it will come to us….maybe if we stop obsessing about finding it it will just find us…. Maybe we all need to just chill out a little, enjoy every day, every moment and even though plans are good and most likely very necessary, maybe we shouldn’t make quite as many and sometimes just go with the flow and enjoy drifting….just a little….

I have this on the front of my car….Ethel….


And, apart from the time I ended up in Blisland when I was supposed to be in St Breward and my God those lanes are small!….it makes sense to me.

Perhaps the wanderers are the happy people and happiness finds them….

I guess it’s all in the trying….some of us are wanderers and some of us are planners and some of us are a little of both….

But give it a go this weekend….if you love to craft and crochet and make things…just make them.  If you love to walk or cycle or surf….go and do it…If you love to chill and watch movies and hang out with friends just do it….all the other stuff will just wait…

I am kind of hoping it gets just a little bit chillier so that I can light the woodburner,  move the furniture into snuggle around the fire mode and enjoy the changing of seasons….


Happy Friday!!!!

Geri xxx

Thursday Thoughts and Small Steps


I think overhauling my cluttered life is going to take a year at least and that in itself is enough to think about giving up….it seems to be such a monumental task…the secret is in not only imagining it as it will be, but taking small steps to make it eventually happen.  Look at each stage bit by bit, step by step and it will be surprising how quickly things will change…

Yesterday only just enough time to change my packing desk and my computer work area in the warehouse….


That’s how it was!  I know, awful, mind cluttering junk all over the place.  In my defence, doing hundreds of parcels a day has left it like this….but now, the high season for wetsuits is over and there is no excuse….none…

I firstly got a black bag and threw away all the rubbish, and there was plenty of it!  Then I took out all of the things I use every day ready to put back.  Everything else was put in a box and dated….anything still in there in 2 months time will be surplus and no longer needed….how easy is that….Well, I will date it shortly….I couldn’t find a marker pen at the time!  That says it all…..


There we go…I even found some bits in the pile I have been meaning to sell on Ebay…. I had forgotten I had them.  Now to clean the white board and sort out the space beneath the worktops and warehouse life is already a better place! Bliss…..

Why don’t you just pick one area today, just a small area and give it a go…you will be surprised at how good it makes you feel…

Todays car picture from the GoodWood Revival carpark…


The Austin Healey….I love the look of this car and decided to do some research….Now hear this!! Donald Healey the brain behind the design…this dude was born in Perranporth….so that makes this a Cornish car….it might not have been made here but this is where the design started….Thumbs up to Cornish boy Don….you did good!!!  Apparently at the last minute he decided he didn’t like the look of the front of it so shoved it behind a pillar at the show it was made for….but it was spotted and the deal was done with Austin and the Austin Healey was born….fate intervened, it is a beautiful classic….

Today foodie picture…..flapjacks from the Sweet Pea Pantry….pretty damn good!!


Put them in the fridge for a really good flapjack (and healthy!) or crumble it up and use it as crumble on your apples….either way it’s a winner…Also really easy to get your little ones baking so well worth having a go!


Keep up the good work Sweet Pea Pantry!

That’s all for Thursday… to get on with that next small step!!!

Geri xxx

Cycle to Work??


Today, apparently, is cycle to work day….I really, really wish I could….I actually see a cyclist on the way to work and on the way home from work, in every weather and I mean, it gets bad here, he even cycles in the dark….admittedly his headlight is brighter than Ethels… But there is the proof, yes, it can be done!   I do have a huge hill to work and would have to pull a trailer with laptops and a multitude of stuff….he appears to be luggage free…but he still does it, I don’t recall ever seeing him smiling though…

So, today, in the spirit of cycle to work day….I did do yoga stretches before showering, this is something I really love doing, but have fallen into the trap of lying in bed with a cup of tea chatting to Christopher first thing in the morning….the chat needs to be shorter (sorry Christopher) and the stretches need to be longer….I have this goal that I will be able to balance in a handstand…it is a very, very long way away…I am still mastering the sun salutation….but I am determined to do it….and when I do it….you will see it…a million times!!


So, in my quest to live outside social media yesterday saw some cooking and some learning about classic cars…we are going to an auction next week, I need to know at least something…. I have started my steep learning curve on the MG and am finding the history of the car industry quite fascinating….not entirely sure what is happening to me…when the garage is finished (yay the doors went in this week) you might just find me in oily overalls learning how to be a mechanic…hopefully this will make up for my lack in driving skills… As promised now the next car picture from the Goodwood Revival Car Park….


There you go, a beautiful line up….a yellow Triumph Stag…I like these!!  I believe that’s a Morgan in the middle and some sort of Mercedes on the left….still learning to identify them…. for me, old cars are so much prettier and interesting….

On that note, it’s another short and sweet one as this downsizing we have decided on takes a lot of time….today, wait for it….I am decluttering my work spaces….there will be before and after pictures – you will be astounded at my messiness….a work in progress!!

Don’t forget, if you have a bike and haven’t used it in ages, be that boy I see every day and get out on it…I am sure he does smile!!  I would if I could do that….I just need to find a softer seat for mine….


Geri xxx

Be Outrageous!


So, today again is short and sweet, there is just so much to do today out there, outside of laptop and phone world!!  And apparently it is Roald Dahl day, this cool dude has the best quotes….you know you get asked who would you have to dinner dead or alive if you could, I believe he would be a great dinner date…so, he is one of mine….

Quick update, weekend spent at the Goodwood Revival, if you have never been you must make the time next year…it is a quite unique event with some brilliant costumes, great atmosphere and super exciting car racing…we love it!! You have to make it to the champagne tent if you like to dance….you know, back when the music and dancing was how it should be….(apologies, how the music and dancing was how I like it….we all like different things, that’s just me being selfish).  Now we just need to learn to dance before our next Goodwood Revival visit!

We did our usual and went as hippies…lazy maybe….just because its comfortable and we kind of like it…

Alas, our day for attending was Saturday, it rained and it rained and it rained and got muddier and muddier but the spirit of the people carried us through it and much enjoyment was had….wet track made for interesting racing too…

On Sunday, typically it was a scorcher!!  We decided to window shop on the amazing number of classic cars to be seen…mingled with the others strolling around the car park…brilliant…I shall slip in a car picture each day until I run out, it might be some time….


I am just a little bit of a Morris Minor fan….this was the grooviest colour I could find to match my frock! But look at the cars behind me, isn’t this the best car park you could find???  Stay tuned for more carpark finds over the next few days…

Briefly in other news….I have just finished reading The Making of Us by Lisa Jewell….if I really, really enjoy a book it gets a mention…yep, this was a real page turner for me…not a new one from Lisa but I have only just discovered her so working my way through them…this book needs a sequel though Lisa, I haven’t had enough of these characters yet….

“Lydia, Robyn and Dean don’t know each other – yet.

They live very different lives but each of them, independently, has always felt that something is missing.

What they don’t know is that a letter is about to arrive that will turn their lives upside down.

It is a letter containing a secret – one that will bind them together, and show them what love and familyand friendship really mean…”

As you know, I believe that books are a personal thing so not a fan of book reviews….but this one is well worth a read…I loved it…

The Making of Us

affiliate link.

Another new discovery for me….SweetPea Pantry…a great idea for a healthier version of baking…now I have just taught myself to cook from scratch, healthy stuff, just can’t get enough of it but these guys have come up with a great idea if you are running short on time or on ingredients…

Super cute packaging and in such a short time you have some Chocolate Giggles to munch on with your cup of tea…perfect!! Easy to order and delivered in record time…recommended!! Trying Flapjacks later this evening….

So a few useful links for you, none affiliated…

Some great pictures from the Goodwood Revival

Lucy Jayne’s caravans were so beautiful, lots more to see here…

See more from the Sweet Pea pantry here…


That’s it for now, so from me and Roald, remember think good thoughts and wear that double chin and stick-out teeth with pride, you are lovely!!

Geri xxx

Mind Full or Mindful?


Another 24 hours Facebook free and it’s getting easier!  Phone no longer always in my hand or within reach….Itching to clear the home clutter and the internet clutter….my e-mail boxes are empty, I went through them and unsubscribed from everything I no longer look at and anything that might entice me to shop….just try this now and see how much better it feels…

What did I do with my time yesterday, I obviously worked, yay…. I made a chilli for the weekend…I prepared and packed for the Goodwood Revival…tried on a million outfits…they all must go when the declutter starts next week!

I made maca and raisin oat cookies from Livia’s Kitchen: Naturally Sweet and Indulgent Treats (affliliate link)


Well recommended, we will need some sweet treats with our evening hot drink in the tent later….rock and roll we are…

Now at work again…yay….all prepared for our road trip at lunch time….Christopher decided to ditch the Gandalf Beard because he just can’t cope with it…bless….


So, until after the weekend Peace!! Party on and enjoy….start to think about emptying your life of things you no longer need….get mindful not mind full…

Geri xxx

The Joy of Not Being Sold Anything…


This is a totally new concept for me….I have always been a shopper and my boxes and boxes of things are the very proof of this.  What lies within those boxes?  I have absolutely no idea.  Minimalism is a totally new way of thinking for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I will never be one of those people with just a backpack of possessions to my name…or maybe I should never say never….

Yesterday, whilst waiting for Georgia at her football training, I scribbled some rambling notes on how to declutter and the planning stage is easy.  I know it will be in the doing.  Unfortunately it’s not just my things in those boxes so I just can’t dump them all at the charity shop which would be easy AND there is going to be rubbish and the odd dead mouse in there….the charity shop doesn’t deserve that….

So….we have a busy weekend ahead being ageing hippies at the Goodwood Revival with fingers crossed the felines behave for the cat sitter….both wigs fit, outfits to be sorted tonight….pictures most likely to share next week…be warned there will be lots of car pictures…

After that all systems go for downsizing…Ebay sales to list – now the problem here is that I regularly buy things on Ebay, usually things I have no need for so willpower needed…I have looked today and talked myself out of bidding for anything…everywhere you look somebody is trying to sell you something…I was one of the weak, I confess I have bought things just for the sake of buying it, sometimes when I couldn’t even afford it, what is the matter with me??!!  Hopefully when I am selling things to be rid of them the person buying will really need it and not be filling boxes like I have been….

For now I have a warehouse of things to sort (work related) ….I almost shared our website with you at this point and then remembered the title of this post…oh dear oh dear old habits….

I did another 24 hours without Facebook which was difficult as there was an imminent new family baby so woke up to the news of the new arrival this morning….


This is Harper….congratulations Chantelle and Dave she is beautiful….will get to see you soon!!! xxx

That’s it folks…..Goodwood preparations beckon, sneaky wig peek!!

Signing out for another 24!!

Geri xxx