My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open…


I have seen this quote so many times before and just smiled…just that…

After watching a talk by the guys at The I realised that in fact this is exactly how I feel.  I have clothes I don’t wear, I have one full room, yes! A full room full of boxes of things moved in here around 6 years ago that haven’t been opened….

I regularly check Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and e-mails that I usually just delete without reading….it really is a drain of time.

Meanwhile the beautiful world is out there…and somewhere there is a beautiful lounge in there….and I appear to be totally blind to it all.

There has to be a way to simplify and simplify I must….

I haven’t properly perused The Minimalists yet, just the one talk was enough….

To start there will be just the one post on the internet here daily which shares to Facebook and to Twitter so I can report on my progress….

My Instagram will continue as I see it as my photo album, precious to look back on, to reminisce….and I won’t have shelves full of photo albums will I??

Life will be full of family and fun and food….all the Fs indeed 😉

Oh and reading….looking to set up some sort of book swapping system so that I don’t accumulate too many…

This weekend the lounge will be tackled…I am almost excited…

Tomorrow I shall be doing the Eden Project Zipwire…oh dear God, heights are really not my thing!


My heart is thumping just imagining it…however, in perspective I would rather do this than a jet ski course again in choppy seas or have carpal tunnel surgery…or take my driving test…so there you go easy!!

For now fun, family, food…..

Here’s to keeping it simple….

Geri xx

One thought on “My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open…

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