Just Let Go….


So following on from My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open… plans are being made and changes are coming…albeit slowly… From just one kitchen cupboard, one charity bag and one rubbish bag and space…wow!! The decluttering is the easy bit…it’s the social media addiction that is hard…the thought of letting it go is painful and yet liberating at the same time.

What does Social Media do for me? What do I get out of it?  Well, I constantly compare myself to other people, most of them complete strangers and I find myself competing without really realising I am doing it…who should I be comparing myself to and trying to do better than? Myself yesterday, that’s who…not any other person in this world….

However, I can’t go cold turkey, not just yet….small changes, no phone in the bedroom…reading for me at night now….Facebook notifications off, so nobody can prod me in the middle of my working day….working on my Fear of Missing Out…most of my life has been internet free and I never felt like I was missing out on anything then…I can do this!!

You might ask, what can I do? With all this free time I will have not looking at the phone or the computer or the TV…yes, the TV is fizzling out too now….

I can do the things I used to do….before internet….all those things I keep saying I must do now, if only I had the time….

At the weekend I did the Eden zipwire…I have lost sleep over this one since Christmas Day when Christopher so kindly gave it to me as a present…well outside of my comfort zone even though it might be well inside of his…


Here we go, Doylie, Soozi, Me and Christopher…

You know what, it was terrifying, but it was absolutely brilliant too!!! Do it if you can!!


See that little dot?? That’s me!!! Thanks to the guys at Hangloose at the Eden Project you were brilliant!!

So, this is my only internet Social Media presence for today….I am twitching already….

Have a great day!! Live Simple and Laugh Big Time!!


Geri xx

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