Invisibility is a Superpower


So, I did a full 24 hours without looking at Facebook….I survived, in fact I thrived!!  I’m not going to say I didn’t think about it, or gaze at my phone longingly….because I did, I nearly automatically reached for it several times!  And I did find myself wondering what I might be missing….it’s like not going to the party and visualising what might be going on…

I did manage to prepare a chicken curry for the weekend….making food in advance??? Me??? That has not happened in so long!  I struggle to prepare food for the day we are on….

I have to point you in the direction of the chicken curry recipe in the Lucy Bee Cookbook it’s probably the best curry I have made….at a later date will share it with you properly..


At the weekend we will be the hippies at the Goodwood Revival so the outfits are being organised, last minute of course….but the curry is at least ready!

My constant need for new followers is easing….it’s refreshing really…quality over quantity is returning….if you are still reading then of course you are the cream of the crop!!

For now work beckons and Social Media is about to be switched off for another 24 hours!

Enjoy your day….grab a wig, dress up, have fun, laugh at the simple things and don’t over complicate!  You don’t have to share every little bit of your life with the world…keep some of it invisible….let it be your superpower…


Geri xx

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