The Joy of Not Being Sold Anything…


This is a totally new concept for me….I have always been a shopper and my boxes and boxes of things are the very proof of this.  What lies within those boxes?  I have absolutely no idea.  Minimalism is a totally new way of thinking for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I will never be one of those people with just a backpack of possessions to my name…or maybe I should never say never….

Yesterday, whilst waiting for Georgia at her football training, I scribbled some rambling notes on how to declutter and the planning stage is easy.  I know it will be in the doing.  Unfortunately it’s not just my things in those boxes so I just can’t dump them all at the charity shop which would be easy AND there is going to be rubbish and the odd dead mouse in there….the charity shop doesn’t deserve that….

So….we have a busy weekend ahead being ageing hippies at the Goodwood Revival with fingers crossed the felines behave for the cat sitter….both wigs fit, outfits to be sorted tonight….pictures most likely to share next week…be warned there will be lots of car pictures…

After that all systems go for downsizing…Ebay sales to list – now the problem here is that I regularly buy things on Ebay, usually things I have no need for so willpower needed…I have looked today and talked myself out of bidding for anything…everywhere you look somebody is trying to sell you something…I was one of the weak, I confess I have bought things just for the sake of buying it, sometimes when I couldn’t even afford it, what is the matter with me??!!  Hopefully when I am selling things to be rid of them the person buying will really need it and not be filling boxes like I have been….

For now I have a warehouse of things to sort (work related) ….I almost shared our website with you at this point and then remembered the title of this post…oh dear oh dear old habits….

I did another 24 hours without Facebook which was difficult as there was an imminent new family baby so woke up to the news of the new arrival this morning….


This is Harper….congratulations Chantelle and Dave she is beautiful….will get to see you soon!!! xxx

That’s it folks…..Goodwood preparations beckon, sneaky wig peek!!

Signing out for another 24!!

Geri xxx

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