Mind Full or Mindful?


Another 24 hours Facebook free and it’s getting easier!  Phone no longer always in my hand or within reach….Itching to clear the home clutter and the internet clutter….my e-mail boxes are empty, I went through them and unsubscribed from everything I no longer look at and anything that might entice me to shop….just try this now and see how much better it feels…

What did I do with my time yesterday, I obviously worked, yay…. I made a chilli for the weekend…I prepared and packed for the Goodwood Revival…tried on a million outfits…they all must go when the declutter starts next week!

I made maca and raisin oat cookies from Livia’s Kitchen: Naturally Sweet and Indulgent Treats (affliliate link)


Well recommended, we will need some sweet treats with our evening hot drink in the tent later….rock and roll we are…

Now at work again…yay….all prepared for our road trip at lunch time….Christopher decided to ditch the Gandalf Beard because he just can’t cope with it…bless….


So, until after the weekend Peace!! Party on and enjoy….start to think about emptying your life of things you no longer need….get mindful not mind full…

Geri xxx

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