Be Outrageous!


So, today again is short and sweet, there is just so much to do today out there, outside of laptop and phone world!!  And apparently it is Roald Dahl day, this cool dude has the best quotes….you know you get asked who would you have to dinner dead or alive if you could, I believe he would be a great dinner date…so, he is one of mine….

Quick update, weekend spent at the Goodwood Revival, if you have never been you must make the time next year…it is a quite unique event with some brilliant costumes, great atmosphere and super exciting car racing…we love it!! You have to make it to the champagne tent if you like to dance….you know, back when the music and dancing was how it should be….(apologies, how the music and dancing was how I like it….we all like different things, that’s just me being selfish).  Now we just need to learn to dance before our next Goodwood Revival visit!

We did our usual and went as hippies…lazy maybe….just because its comfortable and we kind of like it…

Alas, our day for attending was Saturday, it rained and it rained and it rained and got muddier and muddier but the spirit of the people carried us through it and much enjoyment was had….wet track made for interesting racing too…

On Sunday, typically it was a scorcher!!  We decided to window shop on the amazing number of classic cars to be seen…mingled with the others strolling around the car park…brilliant…I shall slip in a car picture each day until I run out, it might be some time….


I am just a little bit of a Morris Minor fan….this was the grooviest colour I could find to match my frock! But look at the cars behind me, isn’t this the best car park you could find???  Stay tuned for more carpark finds over the next few days…

Briefly in other news….I have just finished reading The Making of Us by Lisa Jewell….if I really, really enjoy a book it gets a mention…yep, this was a real page turner for me…not a new one from Lisa but I have only just discovered her so working my way through them…this book needs a sequel though Lisa, I haven’t had enough of these characters yet….

“Lydia, Robyn and Dean don’t know each other – yet.

They live very different lives but each of them, independently, has always felt that something is missing.

What they don’t know is that a letter is about to arrive that will turn their lives upside down.

It is a letter containing a secret – one that will bind them together, and show them what love and familyand friendship really mean…”

As you know, I believe that books are a personal thing so not a fan of book reviews….but this one is well worth a read…I loved it…

The Making of Us

affiliate link.

Another new discovery for me….SweetPea Pantry…a great idea for a healthier version of baking…now I have just taught myself to cook from scratch, healthy stuff, just can’t get enough of it but these guys have come up with a great idea if you are running short on time or on ingredients…

Super cute packaging and in such a short time you have some Chocolate Giggles to munch on with your cup of tea…perfect!! Easy to order and delivered in record time…recommended!! Trying Flapjacks later this evening….

So a few useful links for you, none affiliated…

Some great pictures from the Goodwood Revival

Lucy Jayne’s caravans were so beautiful, lots more to see here…

See more from the Sweet Pea pantry here…


That’s it for now, so from me and Roald, remember think good thoughts and wear that double chin and stick-out teeth with pride, you are lovely!!

Geri xxx

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