Cycle to Work??


Today, apparently, is cycle to work day….I really, really wish I could….I actually see a cyclist on the way to work and on the way home from work, in every weather and I mean, it gets bad here, he even cycles in the dark….admittedly his headlight is brighter than Ethels… But there is the proof, yes, it can be done!   I do have a huge hill to work and would have to pull a trailer with laptops and a multitude of stuff….he appears to be luggage free…but he still does it, I don’t recall ever seeing him smiling though…

So, today, in the spirit of cycle to work day….I did do yoga stretches before showering, this is something I really love doing, but have fallen into the trap of lying in bed with a cup of tea chatting to Christopher first thing in the morning….the chat needs to be shorter (sorry Christopher) and the stretches need to be longer….I have this goal that I will be able to balance in a handstand…it is a very, very long way away…I am still mastering the sun salutation….but I am determined to do it….and when I do it….you will see it…a million times!!


So, in my quest to live outside social media yesterday saw some cooking and some learning about classic cars…we are going to an auction next week, I need to know at least something…. I have started my steep learning curve on the MG and am finding the history of the car industry quite fascinating….not entirely sure what is happening to me…when the garage is finished (yay the doors went in this week) you might just find me in oily overalls learning how to be a mechanic…hopefully this will make up for my lack in driving skills… As promised now the next car picture from the Goodwood Revival Car Park….


There you go, a beautiful line up….a yellow Triumph Stag…I like these!!  I believe that’s a Morgan in the middle and some sort of Mercedes on the left….still learning to identify them…. for me, old cars are so much prettier and interesting….

On that note, it’s another short and sweet one as this downsizing we have decided on takes a lot of time….today, wait for it….I am decluttering my work spaces….there will be before and after pictures – you will be astounded at my messiness….a work in progress!!

Don’t forget, if you have a bike and haven’t used it in ages, be that boy I see every day and get out on it…I am sure he does smile!!  I would if I could do that….I just need to find a softer seat for mine….


Geri xxx

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