Thursday Thoughts and Small Steps


I think overhauling my cluttered life is going to take a year at least and that in itself is enough to think about giving up….it seems to be such a monumental task…the secret is in not only imagining it as it will be, but taking small steps to make it eventually happen.  Look at each stage bit by bit, step by step and it will be surprising how quickly things will change…

Yesterday only just enough time to change my packing desk and my computer work area in the warehouse….


That’s how it was!  I know, awful, mind cluttering junk all over the place.  In my defence, doing hundreds of parcels a day has left it like this….but now, the high season for wetsuits is over and there is no excuse….none…

I firstly got a black bag and threw away all the rubbish, and there was plenty of it!  Then I took out all of the things I use every day ready to put back.  Everything else was put in a box and dated….anything still in there in 2 months time will be surplus and no longer needed….how easy is that….Well, I will date it shortly….I couldn’t find a marker pen at the time!  That says it all…..


There we go…I even found some bits in the pile I have been meaning to sell on Ebay…. I had forgotten I had them.  Now to clean the white board and sort out the space beneath the worktops and warehouse life is already a better place! Bliss…..

Why don’t you just pick one area today, just a small area and give it a go…you will be surprised at how good it makes you feel…

Todays car picture from the GoodWood Revival carpark…


The Austin Healey….I love the look of this car and decided to do some research….Now hear this!! Donald Healey the brain behind the design…this dude was born in Perranporth….so that makes this a Cornish car….it might not have been made here but this is where the design started….Thumbs up to Cornish boy Don….you did good!!!  Apparently at the last minute he decided he didn’t like the look of the front of it so shoved it behind a pillar at the show it was made for….but it was spotted and the deal was done with Austin and the Austin Healey was born….fate intervened, it is a beautiful classic….

Today foodie picture…..flapjacks from the Sweet Pea Pantry….pretty damn good!!


Put them in the fridge for a really good flapjack (and healthy!) or crumble it up and use it as crumble on your apples….either way it’s a winner…Also really easy to get your little ones baking so well worth having a go!


Keep up the good work Sweet Pea Pantry!

That’s all for Thursday… to get on with that next small step!!!

Geri xxx

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