Stop Looking For Happiness..


You know what I mean….remember that time you didn’t want to go out but you made the effort and it was the best time….Or that time you wanted to go out and you went and it was nothing like you had imagined it to be….. We do seem to spend a huge amount of time looking for happiness and then find it in the little things…when you weren’t particularly looking for it…. So, maybe this is right, maybe if we stop planning to find it it will come to us….maybe if we stop obsessing about finding it it will just find us…. Maybe we all need to just chill out a little, enjoy every day, every moment and even though plans are good and most likely very necessary, maybe we shouldn’t make quite as many and sometimes just go with the flow and enjoy drifting….just a little….

I have this on the front of my car….Ethel….


And, apart from the time I ended up in Blisland when I was supposed to be in St Breward and my God those lanes are small!….it makes sense to me.

Perhaps the wanderers are the happy people and happiness finds them….

I guess it’s all in the trying….some of us are wanderers and some of us are planners and some of us are a little of both….

But give it a go this weekend….if you love to craft and crochet and make things…just make them.  If you love to walk or cycle or surf….go and do it…If you love to chill and watch movies and hang out with friends just do it….all the other stuff will just wait…

I am kind of hoping it gets just a little bit chillier so that I can light the woodburner,  move the furniture into snuggle around the fire mode and enjoy the changing of seasons….


Happy Friday!!!!

Geri xxx

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