You Have Always Been Beautiful…


We hear it so many times, beauty is in the eye of the beholder….and it really is… We, the human race, are different sizes, different colours, different shapes…sound different, do things differently….but we all started off as babies…beautiful within….what happens from there on really does shape us….What makes one person a hero and another apparently evil I will leave to the qualified…there are so many theories I just don’t know….

I don’t particularly see in the mirror what I would like to see….I don’t think I ever will…the closest I will ever get is that Snapchat filter, you know the one with the yellow butterflies flapping around your head….I like that one!  I don’t think I am particularly good to look at but Christopher seems to….in the dark….with his glasses off….I will take that!

Anyway, it appears you need to love what you have to move on and make it better….as you get older and wiser it seems to get easier, peer pressure eases and you really don’t care what other people think of your appearance….or is that just me??  My excuse for being make up free and wearing just what I like, not what is in fashion….

However, as 50 looms I do feel the need to be fitter, to be healthier, just because it makes me feel so much better….I am loving the new healthy clean eating recipes, maybe too much, I have to remember that they do still contain calories and I should be eating to fuel my body, not for comfort.  This also gets easier….good, I still have a way to go before great health is with me….

This saw me up at an earlier hour than normal to try out a yoga DVD I have had for probably 2 years in the cupboard…pretty good, I have much improvement to make, but I look forward to this….I used the 10 Minute Solution today with Lara Hudson….


See what she is doing up there….I even struggle with that at the moment….

It’s a pretty good one though with good instruction, if you fancy a go you can find it here.

10 Minute Solution – Yoga [DVD]  Amazon affiliate link.

I have also found the fabulous Dana, also know as the Minimalist Baker this week have created Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Granola Bars based on her recipe…oh my word they are good….

Ingredients came….from Healthy Supplies.

Couldn’t resist a sneaky snack…..

Having managed to stop at a tiny snack I still had ingredients enough to make them,  they remind me a little of soft Florentines…absolutely divine…


I would let you know exactly how I made them but time is short and I have a deep tissue massage booked with the lovely Linda with fingers of steel this afternoon and a date with Bridget Jones later….so I shall direct you to Dana who tells it so much better than I could…

Here is your link….

I used medjool dates, oats (I didn’t toast them), honey, almond butter, Green and Blacks plain chocolate and pecan nuts both choc and nuts whizzed in food processor….Give it a try, for a sweet treat, you will love them….

So, onwards….I love Saturdays!!  I am walking….YES WALKING….to the shop to purchase some garlic and some clothes washing stuff….I have a washing pile that resembles Tracey Emin’s bed  (Google it)…Oh OK I  couldn’t resist it….here is your link to Tracey’s bed…The Bed at The Saatchi Gallery anyway, my washing pile puts this to shame….

So that my decluttering can continue, full steam ahead, I am throwing together a spicy tuna pasta bake that should please everyone, OK Christopher, it will have broccoli and cabbage on the side….Christopher has withdrawal symptoms if he has a day without green food….

Have a great Saturday all….enjoy and don’t forget, YOU are beautiful too….

Geri xxx

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