Hello Shiny New Week…


And it’s yet another Monday….I have normal tendencies to suffer Monday morning blues like lots of people… it’s just when the weekend has been lovely, even when just at home sorting and cleaning…and you go off to work leaving all your lovely ones to go their own way for the day….there lies the good thing about the mobile phone….a text here and there can be worth so much….Go on, text your loved ones right now and let them know you are missing them and looking forward to seeing them later….we don’t do this enough do we?

Unfortunately our felines are still misbehaving in the toilet department…they have a perfectly lovely litter tray, the door is open ALL day…still they insist on spraying and more around the living room….alas, this means a “cat shed” is very much on the cards for them…they were originally quite feral and appear to be going back to their roots…For now they are sleeping in the utility room and paying the odd visit to use the yoga mat for morning salutations…


Mollie Topshop at the front, routine done…Timmy Twoshoes (of the no tail) at the back just getting stuck into her stretches…. The red tool box in the background, eventually it has made it’s way into the new garage…oh the space is beautiful!!

Recipe of the weekend was Cashew and Almond Maca fudge, inspired by the marvellous Livias Kitchen


It’s creamy, it’s crunchy, it’s so good!!!! Here is how I did it…

350g Almond Butter (I love Meridian and get mine from Healthy Supplies)

4 tablespoons of honey

5 tablespoons of melted coconut butter

5 tablespoons of maca powder

150g of cashews and one large bar of 70% dark chocolate

I whizzed up the chocolate and cashews in the blender until roughly chopped, then added the rest of the ingredients until mixed.

Put some cling film in a freezable dish, I just used a baking tray and then after tipping the mixture in and pressing it down transferred it into the freezer.

After about 20 minutes take it out and chop it into squares and then store in the freezer.  If it’s a warm day it will start to melt when taking out so best eaten straight from the freezer.

Alas these do contain those things called calories so even though they have all good stuff in them, remember that if you eat the lot it’s going to show….I am living proof of this…

This is where exercise is key and a little willpower…Of course these little chunks of loveliness will always be far better than anything containing E numbers and refined sugars so make some changes, if I can do it, you certainly can!!

Tomorrow and Wednesday we have exciting classic car auctions to attend…yay, two days off packing wetsuits!!

Until then be happy, be kind and be fabulous!!


Geri xxx

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