All You Need is Tea and Warm Socks…


So, it’s the first day of autumn….summer is never really long enough for me…but let’s not get blue about the start of Autumn, all you really need is tea and warm socks…we rearrange our furniture so that the sofas are around the wood burner and we close our blinds earlier and light candles….what is so awful about that…oh and we slow cook stew and dumplings…

The last couple of days have been busy for us….off to Hereford area from Cornwall in a bumpy truck to check out a classic car auction.  Booked in to the most delightful farm bed and breakfast complete with adorable dogs, apple trees and a fabulous family….great room and breakfast too….

If you are in the Leominster area or visiting Brighwells for the auctions we well recommend this one…it’s for those of us that use the Travel Lodge as necessity only…go and take a look, more pictures at the Grove Farm website here.

We also came away with a jar of homemade marmalade, Chris loves it but I fully believe marmalade to be the juice of the devil…. Just down the road a really great pub too, in walking distance,  The Stockton Cross Inn, the most fabulous roast with masses of veg! Well recommended too!

Alas, we did not purchase at the Brightwells auction, but again recommend a visit to the next one,  very well organised, very happy staff, great well priced food in the cafe…all good.  The cars were fantastic, but the right one at the right price not there for us on the day….looking at internet bidding next time as the auction went on for 4 hours and I nodded off a little at the auctioneers hypnotic tone….

Thanks to the Grand Parents for teenager sitting and cat feeding, ours and the neighbours before going off home last night to feed their own cat and the neighbours hedgehog….

Now it’s catch up at work time….yes, back to neoprene and the cold warehouse…for now….

But watch this space, we are still on a car hunt…

Don’t forget to cuddle your loved ones and let them know they are appreciated, don’t just think it…do it today…now….


Geri xxx

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