I Don’t Have an Expensive Couch or Great Shoes…


It really is a personal choice, but the point is I always thought I wanted an expensive couch and I should have a collection of great shoes….when the reality is, I want a couch I can put my feet on and the cats can stretch out on, I want a couch I can drop crumbs on without freaking out and I want a couch big enough to cuddle on….and shoes, I have had so many shoes….do we really buy shoes because they look pretty, put them in the bottom of the wardrobe, take them out looking a little antique, try them on with an outfit, decide that we can’t walk in them, put them back in the wardrobe for another ten years….I have….

Yes, again, this weekend I am continuing with the grand “get rid of it all” session…I don’t have many pairs of shoes now, but I do still have some that I have never worn… tomorrow I shall gather them all and the ones that I don’t wear will be sold or donated…yes, even the pretty pink heels that I love to “look” at…in the same session, all clothing I no longer wear, or have never worn will be going…pretty liberating…


As I have mentioned before, we have one whole room filled with boxes and I have no idea what’s in them….so I don’t need any of it…alas, I have to sort because it’s not all mine…it really is a full time weekend job…

If you feel it’s time for you to do the same, just take it one step at a time (excuse the pun, because firstly it’s shoes!) Β This weekend, if all you do is collect up your shoes and pick up each pair, do I love them…if it’s no they must go…do I love them and have I worn them in the last year….if it’s no, why do you still have them…go on, be strong, reduce that shoe collection…they deserve to be out in the world strutting around on a pair of feet, they aren’t getting that opportunity with you!!

Clear out the shoes, relax on the couch with crumbs, feet and your loved ones….

Start clearing your stuff…..


And always remember, nobody is perfect, just be the best person you can be…

Happy Friday!!!

Geri xxx

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Have an Expensive Couch or Great Shoes…

  1. I completely agree! I used to keep hold of EVERYTHING! Simply because I’ve always had very little & felt I needed to keep what little I had. Even old battered up trainers.. Incase I needed to do some messy work πŸ˜‚ (not that I do anything like that!) Lots of silly things built up with no actual use. Over the last 2 years I’ve been ruthlessly going through our stuff over and over and slowly getting rid of anything not needed or used and downsizing things like my bookshelf that kept gathering so much useless stuff!
    Hope your clear out goes well 😊 x

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