Sleep, Eat Clean, Water, Exercise, Repeat….


Just a couple of small changes this weekend and I am already sleeping better and feeling more energetic…. Many years ago I was vegetarian, for about 15 years…I did a lot of exercise, every day…the gym, after work…then pregnancy came in my late thirties…a bit of a shock as it had been 10 years of waiting and the gym stopped and my vegetarian diet for some reason faded away.  Then there was post natal depression, weight gain and trying to juggle two jobs and a baby….whilst finding everything overwhelming…

Thankfully things change….it has been 14 years but finally I have taken back that vegetarian diet…its only been a few days but I feel so much better already.  A vegan diet is a possibility….it is so much easier now than it used to be, there are huge choices and recipes never thought of before…it’s not just eating salad and fruit anymore.

Inspiration taken this weekend from Deliciously Ella: Awesome ingredients, incredible food that you and your body will love – so many really good ideas and great flavours I hadn’t used before…We had apple crumble made with apples from my Dads tree and blackberries and raspberries from the garden, topped with banana ice cream made with frozen blended bananas…We had roasted potatoes and roasted spicy butternut squash with sweet potatoes and kale tahini salad with sunflower seeds.  We had stuffed mushrooms with sun dried tomatoes and we had veggie lasagna.  Just improvise with the recipes if you don’t have certain ingredients and throw in left overs to make it all cost efficient.

Loads of sorting happened in the house.  All counters and tops of drawers and table in our kitchen/dining/living room were cleared, all piled in the corner ready for our Love it or Lose it exercise later in the week…


There it is…ready for sorting…. I look forward to showing a slightly more minimalist space in the future…

For now it’s just sort, sell, donate and throw away….a huge amount of it…

It’s that simple, make one small change and keep doing it until it becomes a habit…Don’t do it for anyone else, just do it for you!


Geri xxx

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