Change The World for One Person…


We are sometimes so caught up in our own issues and problems and walk around in our own little absorbed bubble that we don’t all see others, bouncing around in their little out of sorts bubbles….I am guilty of this, I hold my hands up and say that I might have scowled at another driver on the road or been mean about somebody when they really don’t deserve it…the thing is we naturally expect that if we are super lovely to everybody, super understanding, that they will be super nice and understanding back to us…Alas, this will never happen, there will ALWAYS be someone who is mean to you or misunderstands you…but why be the bad guy just because of this…Let’s just make the effort in our own little worlds, to link bubbles, to be kind even when others are not….maybe purely selfishly this will make your world a better place to live in….

If you can find the time please do click on the link below, I found it purely by chance on You Tube the other day, was just originally curious as to how somebody lives with such a disability…but Oh My Days…this guy is super cool and inspires you to know that anything is possible….we do sometimes give up after failure far too easily don’t we….if it’s something you really, really, really want to do…why not keep trying because if there is no physical reason why you can’t do it (the obvious, like, he wouldn’t play the drums in the traditional manner, but he DOES play the drums, you have to watch it to find out) you will eventually find a way to do it…


Now, Nick has found his faith and strength in God….myself, not a religious person, found it refreshing that he didn’t push this in the following link, purely states at one point that this was his strength….we all find strengths in different things…I don’t care what your religion is as long as you are not hurting others in the process….we are after all just human beings trying to find our way to happiness…aren’t we??

I am also not a political person, but for the life of me I can’t work out why America, as big as you are with so many amazing and brilliant people…bring us Donald Trump….I don’t get this, maybe my ignorance in politics?….can’t you get Oprah to run the country??

Anyway, get yourself a cuppa and watch Nick for 45 minutes….HERE!!!


Have a fruitful day and be kind…

Geri xxx

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