The Joy of Just Being….


Stress….to me is just having too much….too much to do…too much to worry about….too much to think about….a never ending cycle of too much…Don’t feel guilty sometimes about just taking time out, do something that relaxes you,  do something that brings you joy, just do nothing….meditate a little, empty your mind and just enjoy Being.

Plodding through my too many things….have finally started on the beads and jewellery…I had purchased so many beads and bits to create jewellery and found myself without the time to do it….firstly the bits already made…started to list them so that somebody who will actually wear them can enjoy them…I love jewellery but don’t tend to wear it often….I am recycling old jewellery into new charm bracelets…seeing as I am downsizing and slowing down, there should be a couple new bracelets each week so if you like them keep checking..


The Midnight Gypsy Charm Bracelet

Yesterday I made bread….properly with yeast like you are supposed to…

The recipe came from Cook Happy, Cook Healthy the Fearne Cotton recipe book…I am liking this one, lots for me to try!


I added sun dried tomatoes along with the garlic pushed into the bread and it is pretty delicious…made with white spelt flour.

Fearne makes it into my favourite books list.

Bread for breakfast this morning was beautiful…


Remember today to enjoy the simple things….let your mind be still a little and don’t overthink every single thing….let things go and just be…


Geri xxx

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