The Size of Your Audience Doesn’t Matter…


These days it all seems to about how many “followers” we have,  we celebrate each time we reach a milestone….we get close to that milestone and we ask others to help us out reaching that goal… But surely it’s all about the quality, not about the quantity?  Where did our need for quality go?  I guess if it makes you feel good to have 1 million followers that’s your thing, but does it really make you happy??  I was almost dragged into this…the whole….you follow me and I follow you back thing…but this just makes it all a little unreal doesn’t it??  I used to worry that unfollowing somebody would be upsetting for them, but to be real, most people have some sort of automatic thingie that follows and unfollows without them even knowing about it….and, I don’t unfollow to be mean, I just don’t want  to see money off bargains in a country across the world, it’s just not my thing….and guys if I am not your thing you must do the same….let’s make it all about choice, about seeing what you want to see not what you think others would like you to see…

So, go through Facebook, go through Twitter, delete all of those things that really have no bearing on your life, on the things you like to do, the things that inspire you…and watch your newsfeed turn into something that reflects you, only you, nobody else….if somebody is offended by this it will be for all of one second and then they will move on….yep, even me….do it today and see how it feels!!

I almost faltered last night on my bid to not use the internet at home….almost, then got stuck into making fruit cake and reading before sleep and the feeling was gone…it was a close call…..


I have never created fruit cake before and this one was amazingly easy, will share the recipe tomorrow for you….made with spelt flour and coconut sugar…it’s really quite nice…and I am not a fruit cake fan….

This morning I offered Georgia a lift to school as I had to go and get petrol….oh joy of joys, just as her bus hurtled past us outside the house it was apparent that Ethel was not having it and wouldn’t start….Christopher was summonsed from his work desk and had to take on firstly mechanic duties and then chauffeur duties….not the greatest start…but these things happen…


I might have had a little Basil Fawlty moment but all in good humour….honestly….

So today….take back your Social Media accounts and try not to thrash your car….

If you are a blogger don’t be upset by dropping numbers, celebrate the ones who are still reading and enjoying, even if it’s just the one….make that one matter….

Just Do It…

Geri xxx

2 thoughts on “The Size of Your Audience Doesn’t Matter…

  1. Thank you for these words. I admit that I have been so worried about followers that I almost forgot why I started Lavender & Eve. Thank you for reminding me of what matters most. It’s funny, one of my besties said this same thing to me this past Saturday. I’m excited all over again


    • I know, I started to obsess with the numbers and then decided it shouldn’t be the numbers that count it should be the people…it’s so easy to lose sight of that….I love Lavender & Eve…will be reading some more (when I’m not at work, which is where I am now and I have SO much to do)… keep that excitement!! 🙂 xx


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