Stop Rushing Through Life….


A happy refreshing weekend….

Christopher with a digger and chippings…


Happy boy….

Me reading and cooking…

Happy me…. Lisa Jewell’s I Found You finds it’s way into My Favourite Books! list and Banana Chocolate Chip cake with Cashew Nut Butter Icing…finds it’s way into my favourite recipes…now that’s a new list to start very soon….

I had decided exercise and activity was the way forward and had been putting it off and putting it off…so today we decided to walk to Trebarwith Strand…have a drink and then walk back again…we had sunshine, we had rain, we had rainbows and pasties…

The walk worked….I found my need to exercise again….feel fabulously better…Of course having a hot chocolate at the Port William, Trebarwith Strand is a breath of fresh air in my book…

Continue with simplicity folks….Just be you and things will get easier…


Monday is coming! We can do this!!

Geri xx

More Space or Less Stuff?


It has taken many years of moving to bigger places to fit in all the stuff….I have to call it the “stuff” because I couldn’t really tell you exactly what the stuff consists of….

The light bulb moment started with discovering a talk on You Tube by The Minimalists – they talk much sense and are pretty cute as an added bonus… at this point I realised (I had already known this but chosen to block it) that I don’t need this stuff in boxes…the mysterious space hoarders, the bits covered in cobwebs….believe me those cobwebs are not pink….

So, time to get rid of the stuff and therefore reduce the space….and go and actually do things….the things we always slot away as pipe dreams, as things other people do but we actually never will….if we carry on as we have been….

Just half an hour available yesterday evening….but it’s half an hour closer to having it cleared…


A little pile of things collected from our kitchen, dining room and living area….old paperwork for burning…wires, chargers etc. no clue what they might charge….

I made a purchase this week, but it was something I needed….I had these lovely knives for Christmas from Georgia and they need to be seen, no need to stash these away in the drawer….I bought a magnetic knife holder…just £10 so no great financial loss and pretty pleasing…


We have very few DVD’s and rarely watch TV, but when we do we use Netflix – have had no problems using them…in fact we do get our moneys worth because Georgia watches every episode of just about anything….more than once….

If we want to watch something new we go to the little cinema not too far from us….it’s a bit of an outing for us…comfy seats…only fell asleep there once….

We have very few CD’s….I have been listening to the same Jason Mraz CD for about a year and a half in my car commute to work, which is just a short one….this morning interrupted with a cows changing fields….but Jason is keeping me happy in the mornings…(there’s a thought)…

We use Spotify and again no problems with this system…Georgia and I share it….the only downside being she changes my chosen music remotely with her phone when I am mid shower….when I can’t get out and have to listen to Justin Bieber for the duration….nothing against Justin…but not really my cup of tea….OK, I admit, it makes me swear a little bit when I hear it changing….

So DVDs and CDs no great clear up for us there….but books…I just can’t change over yet to the Kindle…it doesn’t have the same feeling for me….I don’t have millions of books, just one shelf in the downstairs toilet…even though I do plan to have a bookshelf in the “she-shed” I have planned for the bottom of the garden…a bookshelf and an armchair…and some fairy lights…and maybe a little bit of bunting…

At the moment when I get a new book, I have to remove a book from the shelf and donate it….I do have a plan to sort out a local book swap at some point….maybe when that “she-shed” is in place….we have a crazy idea about a revolving shed…it might not be so crazy after all….I think a Saturday morning book swap and cake session could be a good plan….

Today is publication day –

The Cosy Christmas Teashop

by Caroline Roberts.

My pre-order is in for the paperback version, but if you can’t wait it is available on Kindle today… you might want to purchase The Cosy Teashop in the Castle first if you haven’t already read it as this one is the sequel…who doesn’t need some pure escapism? I know I love it…and there are recipes in there too…you know the comfort type…cookies, fire, Christmas stories…life is complete…except for Patrick Dempsey, yes, he could be there stroking my feet as I read….I mean, Christopher….he could be there stroking my feet and life would be complete….

Good luck today Caroline…hope it’s everything you wanted it to be….

So, I continue through the grand clear up mission….confusing the cats along the way…


Timmy Twoshoes (the one without the tail) “Will you stop changing stuff!!”


From Becoming Minimalist….

Happy Friday….my best day!!!!

Geri xxx

‘It’s been scary but great fun.’

A brilliant artist and a very lovely lady!! 🙂

Start Somewhere

AbbieAnne Searle is a Jack-of-all-Trades when it comes to crafting and artistry.  She has built up her expertise in creating things over the course of a decade, and has been able to collaborate on other pieces of work along the way too.  She works mostly in patchwork, textile & watercolour.  She is based in Wadebridge, UK.

I was never happier than playing in the art-room, especially if I could find a reason to use the dried sunflower as my inspiration for the class. I can and do appreciate art on so many levels. I see all of life in colour and shape, music gets added in here and there as well. For every one item I produce there could have been fifty pieces of inspiration, each with many more connotations. My mind is alive with ideas and ‘what if’s?’, not only for myself but for those I teach as well…

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Look for Something to Compliment…


This is the very problem with me and customer services….why I don’t have it as my career goal…the guys and girls that work full time in customer services…I just don’t know how you continue to smile….how you have any faith left in human kindness….every time I chat to someone in customer services and they are happy and really lovely, I think…”oh you must be new, you haven’t been ruined by it yet…”

Why do we feel the need to complain….all the time….about every little unimportant thing….and then, if it doesn’t go our way we need to share it on Facebook and Twitter, every way we possibly can to shame people…leave negative Ebay feedback, absolutely no regard for the mere human being on the other end of our wrath….

Now, I do agree there is a place for complaints…things do go wrong and it IS someones fault…but we have made huge mountains out of molehills, blown things up into massive problems…and within all of this we have forgotten how to compliment.

When was the last time you got a parcel in the post you were so pleased with or had a really lovely meal and actually did something about it…no, not just Trip Advisor…the person you dealt with doesn’t always see that…

Today, when you receive great service or something goes to plan, no problems…find out that persons name…drop them a letter or an e-mail and just say thanks….it’s a really simple thing to do and believe me, it happens so rarely that it will make someones day…

I actually do this…quite often…not so hot at letter writing but have been known to send an e-mail…it only takes a few minutes and it’s really easy….Slowly, you will start to notice all of those good things in life…your days will get better…they always have been, you have just not been noticing this….


On the other hand, don’t expect people to do this for you….the complaints YOU get are mostly not personal and says more about the complainer than it does about you… accept that you can’t please all of the people all of the time…let it go…answer it and move on….


I actually see myself as quite a nice person…human like everyone else, but yes, I am alright…but have I been mean to wonderful people in traffic, yes I most certainly have….this, I am working on…

Have a fab and thoughtful Thursday!!

Geri xxx

The Joneses are Broke…


So, little steps can bring about big change….We have those habits, you know having the latest fashion, having the latest car, having the latest phone….and it gradually becomes second nature to upgrade every time there is an upgrade to be had…just because everyone else does…and if it makes you happy, really really happy….do it…But have a good, long think about what you think happiness is….is it being in debt to have those things (and believe me I have been there!)  or is it having just what is necessary for you and still having the funds to pay the bills each month….just imagine how that feels….and don’t spend your valuable thinking time wishing you were like those Joneses….chances are they are in debt and pretty miserable trying to keep up with you…

Tiny step one….magazine subscriptions… I am guilty of being a magazine addict, in fact nearly caved only this morning when Slimming World reminded me by e-mail that my subscription had ended…all those new recipes I might miss out on!! Oh, but all those recipes I haven’t tried yet still sitting in the pile!  All those free recipes I could find online…

When I start a subscription it is a magical day when that new edition lands on the doormat and I rip it open eagerly and flick through it with my after work cup of tea….and you know what? That’s all I do….I flick through it, might scan read a couple of articles and enjoy the pictures…then it goes onto the pile for when I can read it “properly”.  The pile is still there…

A couple of months into the subscription I open the envelope, peer in and look at the cover…then it goes onto the pile for when I can flick through it…they are still there….

Now the envelope arrives and I know what it is and I put it on the pile for when I have time to open it…they are still there too….

Now, I finally have no magazine subscriptions…when I feel like a magazine read I will go and buy one and read it through before purchasing another…and then it goes straight to the doctors surgery or the hairdressers for others to make use of it….easy…it feels good too!


I’m not saying never have that subscription….if you actually read each issue and not stockpile it for later then you are telling your money where to go…you are using it….you are not wondering where your spare pennies went….just think about it…and if you recognise yourself in the words up there…cancel that subscription today….right now, right this minute….well done!!

Now enjoy your Wednesday!! It’s now cold…it’s fire weather!!


Now that is the fire in the lounge that had been hidden behind a multitude of boxes for so long…I had forgotten how much I love this fire!!

Thanks to Carol and Sharon for sending me back pictures of their fires…I love to think of us all snuggled around our own little fires in our own little homes….still waiting on your radiator picture Caroline…..

So, wrap up warm…and when you see those Joneses just smile and wave and perhaps invite them over for a cup of tea and a proper chat….

Geri xxx

Be Flawsome….


So, Amy Childs is trending because she has been caught out photoshopping (or something technically similar) her Instagram photos…..oh my days….we already know this don’t we?  It’s not just Amy…it’s 99% of the people isn’t it? Or I hope so because some are so perfect we have no hope of  reaching these ideals….

Unfortunately we all get dragged into the trap of wanting to look like the girl in the magazine…even if we don’t like to admit it….and we all know she doesn’t even look like that either….

The sad part is that Amy is already very beautiful but most likely doesn’t see this….because of things people say to her, say about her….she feels the need to do this because of the way she has been made to feel….no doubt around her family and closest friends she is as natural as you and me…..

Luckily I am pretty ready to be Flawsome…I have so many flaws I wouldn’t know where to start…but I have my health…..I have my happiness….I have my teeth, my hair….poor eyesight, but they are still my eyes….

I have said it before and will say it again….if a girl wants to wear five inches thick of make up and false everything it’s really up to her…if it makes you feel good about yourself just do it….ignore the haters and live your own life….live and let live….


If you don’t like the way someone else looks just keep it to yourself, appreciate their individuality…see the person that they are…make your mind up about the person within….not the surface….in my experience, the way I used to look was just a mask…it wasn’t the real me….it was exactly how I thought I should look…..I know, I know….with age comes wisdom….there lies the silver lining….

On that note….don’t be an “Amy Hater”….we have all filtered our photos….just have some fun with it and be yourself, flaws and all because we ALL have them…..except Patrick Dempsey….he doesn’t have them….there has to be just the one exception….

Just learn to accept yourself, everything and everyone else will take care of themselves….


Happy Tuesday!!!

Geri xxx