The Joneses are Broke…


So, little steps can bring about big change….We have those habits, you know having the latest fashion, having the latest car, having the latest phone….and it gradually becomes second nature to upgrade every time there is an upgrade to be had…just because everyone else does…and if it makes you happy, really really happy….do it…But have a good, long think about what you think happiness is….is it being in debt to have those things (and believe me I have been there!)  or is it having just what is necessary for you and still having the funds to pay the bills each month….just imagine how that feels….and don’t spend your valuable thinking time wishing you were like those Joneses….chances are they are in debt and pretty miserable trying to keep up with you…

Tiny step one….magazine subscriptions… I am guilty of being a magazine addict, in fact nearly caved only this morning when Slimming World reminded me by e-mail that my subscription had ended…all those new recipes I might miss out on!! Oh, but all those recipes I haven’t tried yet still sitting in the pile!  All those free recipes I could find online…

When I start a subscription it is a magical day when that new edition lands on the doormat and I rip it open eagerly and flick through it with my after work cup of tea….and you know what? That’s all I do….I flick through it, might scan read a couple of articles and enjoy the pictures…then it goes onto the pile for when I can read it “properly”.  The pile is still there…

A couple of months into the subscription I open the envelope, peer in and look at the cover…then it goes onto the pile for when I can flick through it…they are still there….

Now the envelope arrives and I know what it is and I put it on the pile for when I have time to open it…they are still there too….

Now, I finally have no magazine subscriptions…when I feel like a magazine read I will go and buy one and read it through before purchasing another…and then it goes straight to the doctors surgery or the hairdressers for others to make use of it….easy…it feels good too!


I’m not saying never have that subscription….if you actually read each issue and not stockpile it for later then you are telling your money where to go…you are using it….you are not wondering where your spare pennies went….just think about it…and if you recognise yourself in the words up there…cancel that subscription today….right now, right this minute….well done!!

Now enjoy your Wednesday!! It’s now cold…it’s fire weather!!


Now that is the fire in the lounge that had been hidden behind a multitude of boxes for so long…I had forgotten how much I love this fire!!

Thanks to Carol and Sharon for sending me back pictures of their fires…I love to think of us all snuggled around our own little fires in our own little homes….still waiting on your radiator picture Caroline…..

So, wrap up warm…and when you see those Joneses just smile and wave and perhaps invite them over for a cup of tea and a proper chat….

Geri xxx

Be Flawsome….


So, Amy Childs is trending because she has been caught out photoshopping (or something technically similar) her Instagram photos…..oh my days….we already know this don’t we?  It’s not just Amy…it’s 99% of the people isn’t it? Or I hope so because some are so perfect we have no hope of  reaching these ideals….

Unfortunately we all get dragged into the trap of wanting to look like the girl in the magazine…even if we don’t like to admit it….and we all know she doesn’t even look like that either….

The sad part is that Amy is already very beautiful but most likely doesn’t see this….because of things people say to her, say about her….she feels the need to do this because of the way she has been made to feel….no doubt around her family and closest friends she is as natural as you and me…..

Luckily I am pretty ready to be Flawsome…I have so many flaws I wouldn’t know where to start…but I have my health…..I have my happiness….I have my teeth, my hair….poor eyesight, but they are still my eyes….

I have said it before and will say it again….if a girl wants to wear five inches thick of make up and false everything it’s really up to her…if it makes you feel good about yourself just do it….ignore the haters and live your own life….live and let live….


If you don’t like the way someone else looks just keep it to yourself, appreciate their individuality…see the person that they are…make your mind up about the person within….not the surface….in my experience, the way I used to look was just a mask…it wasn’t the real me….it was exactly how I thought I should look…..I know, I know….with age comes wisdom….there lies the silver lining….

On that note….don’t be an “Amy Hater”….we have all filtered our photos….just have some fun with it and be yourself, flaws and all because we ALL have them…..except Patrick Dempsey….he doesn’t have them….there has to be just the one exception….

Just learn to accept yourself, everything and everyone else will take care of themselves….


Happy Tuesday!!!

Geri xxx

Buy Less, Choose Well….


What a weekend of total sorting out….stuff and stuff and more stuff…..We had one complete room, our lounge, full of boxes and yes I mean full, right up to the door…no room to even walk in there….no idea what was in those boxes….the remnants of several house moves….the never unpacked boxes….having spent a few years in the sheds, then when sheds went for space for the garage build they were brought into the house….

On Saturday we collected up those boxes and in three van trips took them to our warehouse, now ready for sorting….and I intend to be ruthless!  Having peeked into a few of them I have to confess that most likely 50% of it will be dumped….45% sold and donated and just the few bits and pieces will replace items we have that need replacing…there was an awful lot of “I forgot I had that!!!”….I found my missing yoga mat bag, there was a moment of excitement!

As we are totally rock and roll these days we celebrated by a Saturday evening food shopping in Bude and treating ourselves to Indian tastiness….


On Sunday…more sorting of stuff….Christopher outside in the much welcomed sunshine….painting and sawing and enjoying the new garage….

For me, sorting out kitchen cupboards….emptying out,  throwing out rubbish…only putting back the items I really use and clearing away clutter from kitchen tops that doesn’t need to be on show…

A massive reduction in plastic….why do we keep the lids with no bottoms….why do we do that???

It is a challenge….made interesting by Christophers’ need to rummage through the bin like a desperate tramp….”what if we find the bottom that goes with this lid?”  We won’t but if we did then the bottom would be discarded too because there are only so many plastic containers one kitchen needs….He was convinced to put it back in the bin….

Just a very quick tidy of one area makes a huge difference….if this is all you have time for I very much recommend doing it…it feels fantastic…. Don’t be fooled, those drawers still need doing….but one step at a time…even though it can be frustrating…it would be great if the clutter fairies would just visit one night and it all be done in the morning….but where would the job satisfaction be in that??

Onwards to new culinary ventures….delving into the Slimming World recipe indexes…..this prawn curry was one of the best curries I have yet made….will bring you the recipe for this shortly….


I am now on my way into that warehouse crammed with stuff to sort….but just one box at a time, one box at a time….here we go!!


Happy Very Cold Monday!

Geri xxx

What Makes the World Go ‘Round…


This morning was a slow start, we sat in bed….I would originally have said, for far too long over our morning cuppa….

However, a bit of chatting and reminiscing is always a good thing, a great way to start the day….

We remembered back a few years when we were working so hard in our little warehouse….up before dark, packing parcels all day…no breaks, until it was dark again and then going home….to a home that was part renovated, part decorated and remaining that way indefinitely because we had no extra time…Georgia rarely saw us and when she did we were baggy eyed and grouchy.

Then, to add to that we decided last year to give Flyboarding experiences…mainly at the weekend….you know, in those few hours we had left….were we mad??? Well, yes and no…

We had a great time doing this and we met some lovely, lovely people…and we put smiles on peoples faces….

But the cost to us was near on exhaustion…

So, decisions were made….the secret to being happier is downsizing…for us…not about how many hours work you can fit into one day…not about having to work all those hours just to pay for your outgoings….the majority of those outgoings are so not necessary…why did I need to keep buying shoes that I don’t wear and dresses that just hang in the wardrobe…sadly awaiting the non existent occasion to be worn….


So, sometimes it is good to take that extra hour lying in bed with a cup of tea discussing life….ask yourself what is really important?  Make those changes if you need to…don’t get stuck in that rut….we all do it from time to time…it is never too late to make that change…

Today is apparently World Smile Day….let’s just take that to mean the first World Smile day of many….don’t just make someone smile today…try to do it every day….if you can…and it only has to be something small….

So what does make the world go ’round….Freddie Mercury and Pooh think it’s fat bottomed girls….as a fat bottomed girl myself I think I might just go with that….yes, today, fat bottomed girls you make this rockin’ world go round….tomorrow it might be tiny bottomed girls…everyone gets a go….


It’s also Friday…now I’m smiling….

Geri xxx

Don’t Try to Overhaul Your Life Overnight..


I don’t know about you, but I am a constant planner….I visualise exactly how I want to look,  exactly how I would like to act, exactly what I should eat….and then I just don’t act on those plans….because they overwhelm me…

I have read just a few pages of Steve Kamb’s Level Up Your Life and I already realise I am just a little gnome with a massive pile of underpants…you have to read it to understand this….believe me it makes sense…I have trickled into the second stage just a little, I have taken a little action…and I believe that to be the secret….don’t try and do it all at once, but don’t continue to make plans which you never ever act upon…It might not be the right plan for you, but you will never know unless you have a try…and don’t feel you failed if it doesn’t go to plan and you hate it…just move on to something else….

I am experimenting with diet and food to find the plan which is healthiest for me….

I am doing some beginner yoga exercises….I watch with wide eyes when I see the many examples of shake free balance perfect handstands and think I could never do that…but why not? They have!  I can now stand with straight legs and touch my palms to the floor, there is improvement just one little stage at a time…I am trawling through boxes and boxes of memories and old clothes and plastic objects that appear to have no purpose and I am getting rid of all of it….selling it, donating it, throwing it away…and it feels pretty good!!

When we get our garden back I want to learn to grow things…

I rarely watch TV….except Gogglebox, I love Gogglebox…they kind of do the TV watching for me and then I watch them doing it….weird? maybe….

Anyway, Steve’s book is pretty interesting, even for me who doesn’t and have never played those video games he uses throughout as examples….I won’t finish it just yet as Christopher is reading it and I have these….when it’s finished it will most likely end up on My Favourite Books! list.


This stops me falling asleep with a phone in my face….phone now banished from the bedroom…. and Lisa is such a great story teller….

So….planning all done, now action….whatever you want to do….write a book, get fit, learn to cook, learn to play an instrument….(I learnt to ride a jetski and got the certificate to prove it! That’s something I never expected) just take one small step today….sign up for a class….give up your job and go back to Uni…start writing a blog….even if you think it’s rubbish and nobody will read it….do just 20 minutes stretching….get a recipe and try it….choose a project from that pile and start it…find a volunteering role….write a letter to a friend (no not an email, a proper paper hand written letter)….Just do something…..I would love to hear about what you did!!


Good Luck!!

Have a productive Thursday!!

Geri xxx

Be Rebellious! Like Yourself! You ARE that mermaid!


So, things trend…like they do…and I find myself drawn into reading them….The story that caught me yesterday was the spectacular artwork of Vladimir Serbanescu and his stunning picture of Demi Lovato as a mermaid.


Now there is one amazing talent.  So, we have the fabulously talented Vladimir and the fabulously talented Demi and what happens, it becomes a battle of the insecurities….


I wonder if Pablo Picasso’s models felt the same…


Art is what it is…art, some you love, some you hate, it is a personal thing and surely a form of flattery…Vlad, for the record you can draw me anytime with boobs any size as long as I have a mermaid tail!!

Demi, she is a human being like the rest of us, not an alien from the planet Lovato who has no feelings…she has insecurities, being in the industry she is in, probably more insecurities than a lot of us…she will have initially thought, Oh My God (or something similar) people will expect me to look like that…..completely missing the fact that we already know she doesn’t have a tail….

Another human trait of ours, see the negative before the positive…she does say it’s gorgeous and it is….and she is….so the mad world of the viral internet blows it totally out of proportion and the haters step in….(great publicity though for the artist, he is only 17 so I hope he uses it as he should…)

To answer some of the haters…..”Who is Demi Lovato anyway?”  Yep, as above, a human being just like you, somebody’s daughter, somebody’s best friend…

“Why is this trending anyway?” Number one, it is important enough for somebody to comment on, it is important to THEM even if not YOU, Number two….you commented on it…..

Anyway, that’s out of my system now….let’s see what is trending today….


Today….go on!!! Like Yourself!!!

Geri xxx