Clutter is Nothing More than Postponed Decisions…


Today the decluttering started for real….talking about it and planning it already over done and time to put it into practice…the downsizing of our stuff has been postponed as the task seemed to be just so overwhelming….it was time to simplify the process and cut it down into smaller steps…

Just, to start with, choose one area….it could be a drawer, it could be the wardrobe, it could be the book shelf….I chose the area at the top of the stairs….that little bit of space that becomes the dumping ground on the way to the loft….I am not allowed in the loft….I am female…see here to fully understand why I am not allowed in the loft….I am really hoping there are no “loft girls” up there….

The initial sorting quite easy here, the majority of it went in the bin, some of it went in the burning pile (papers and suchlike), some of it will be listed on Ebay and the rest of it in the charity shop bag….it sounds easy, but when you are faced with old paperwork, Georgia’s toddler scribblings, books that were presents and remind you of people and places, it’s pretty hard to be rid of it….but you really do have to…life is not about our possessions…

This space is now awaiting input from Christopher, there are a multitude of wires and screws and fixtures and fittings I am unable to identify….over to him to rescue things for the man drawer…


I came up with the easiest method possible for me and it goes as follows.

Each item is separated into 3 piles….Love It, Lose It or It’s Not Mine.

Firstly deal with the Lose It pile.  Is it broken?  Do I ever use it? I don’t like it and have no idea why I kept it or it’s just rubbish…it’s amazing how many sweet wrappers and empty packaging I have found stored away.

Each item on the lose it pile will either be thrown in the bin (or recycling bin), it will be put on the List on Ebay pile or it will be put in the charity shop bag…there will be items you can give to friends or family, you will think of them as you come across these items.

The items to sell on Ebay should be listed as soon as possible or it will just become another pile of “stuff”.  I always put it on for 10 days…if it doesn’t sell I put it in the current charity shop bag and when this bag is full it is taken to the local charity shop straight away….

Go through the Love It pile again before putting things away.  Do you really need or want it?  Have you used it in the last 6 months?  Seasonal items will be longer e.g luggage and Christmas decorations… If you are definitely keeping it you will need to decide where it is going to logically live…and does it need labelling in a box or cupboard…Don’t worry, you can do this exercise as often as you like so this item might just find itself in the lose it pile next time around if you still haven’t used it.

If the item is in the It’s Not Mine pile it will belong to someone else in the house so put it in a separate box and encourage them to look through the things to decide if they would like to keep it….don’t nag though, if they are not ready for this just date the box and wait to see if it’s still there in 6 months time.  Then you might have a valid case for removing it…

If it’s something you have borrowed, set a date in your diary to visit that person and return the item you have probably had for five years and they never thought they would see  again….I know I have a DVD somewhere I borrowed some time ago, as soon as I find it there will be a surprise visit and the grand return of the item….it might be good to bake a cake for said visit….and a catch up with a friend, most likely long overdue….

That, in a nutshell, is how I intend to do it….there is a long way to go….I think I need to do every single drawer in the house…the lounge is full to the door with boxes….but today I managed to reach the landing cupboard which has been tricky before…I threw away old towels which were almost threadbare or stained….(I  am not so hot at separating my washing machine items at times)….I will keep up to date and in a years time I hope to look back on these reports and be astounded at how many possessions I had….watch this space….


Now, onto filling up the Ebay shop with things that might bring joy to someone else…it certainly isn’t doing that in the back of my cupboards…


You should be able to check it out by clicking above or clicking here.

Don’t buy it if you don’t love it or really need it though….I would hate to create another hoarder….


Happy Sunday evening all!!!!

Geri xxx

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