Never Question Your Own Beauty…


As I watch Kim Kardashian on the news this morning….after her ordeal….looking totally beautiful, manicured, perfectly styled hair….I begin to imagine how I would look if I had just been through something like this….and I start to not like her….because she looks great….me, I would resemble Olive….remember Olive from On The Buses….


To be fair I look like Olive most mornings….

Then I pulled myself together and made myself look past the stuff society tells us to look at….past the “on the surface” beauty….Kim looks great (and I can’t say whether I like her or I don’t as I never met her)….Olive looks great…it has to be about how you feel in your own skin….to me being comfortable in your own skin is beautiful…I don’t feel comfortable with styled hair and I don’t feel comfortable with loads of make up on…mascara catches on my contact lenses…false eyelashes are never going to happen for me…eyeliner runs and foundation gets shiny…I know there are products out there that can get this right…but you know what, these things aren’t high on my priority list of things to do…..

On the other hand….to the ladies who love to style their hair and wear make up each and every day without fail…that is indeed your thing and hats off to you for doing it so well…I will admire each and every one of  you…you look fantastic…

In reality…however you do your hair (or don’t in my case), however you do your eyes, your nails, whatever you wear (or don’t), whatever shade your teeth, or your skin…there will always be someone who hates you, there will always be haters…and that is NOTHING to do with you, it is all about THEM….if they were totally comfortable in their own skin they would have no need to notice anyone else’s appearance… So, let’s today make it all about ourselves….don’t hate others because they look different to you…don’t pay attention to anyone who appears to hate you….(easier to say, I know, than do sometimes).

In the meantime for me there is always Snapchat should I need to see myself look any different…

The Snapchat filter of me on the right got five times more likes than the filter on the left….am I surprised….


Today, just be you…..comfortable in your own skin and let others be comfortable in theirs….

Geri xxx

4 thoughts on “Never Question Your Own Beauty…

  1. Ms. Geri, this post gave me life. You are like a HAMMER because you hit the nail on the head. I loved every word and the pics too. i read a lot of fluff and a lot of stuff but this was truly enjoyable.


    • Aaah thank you Eva…I have to use my many years of wisdom somehow, my teenage daughter takes no notice of me…or she pretends not to…I think secretly she does, but that’s not cool…:-) xx


  2. Beautiful words Gert. … important to instill this way of thinking into our children. People are far to quick to judge others xx


    • Hi Gemma you gorgeous thing!! It is important, alas, I feel it’s human nature to judge others…we must fight the good fight….trying to pound this into a teenager is difficult at the best of times…but we must continue to try…obviously we have the infamous Angela Brittney Dawn as our role model, pretty hard act to follow, great to hear from you!! Lots of love xx


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