Be Rebellious! Like Yourself! You ARE that mermaid!


So, things trend…like they do…and I find myself drawn into reading them….The story that caught me yesterday was the spectacular artwork of Vladimir Serbanescu and his stunning picture of Demi Lovato as a mermaid.


Now there is one amazing talent.  So, we have the fabulously talented Vladimir and the fabulously talented Demi and what happens, it becomes a battle of the insecurities….


I wonder if Pablo Picasso’s models felt the same…


Art is what it is…art, some you love, some you hate, it is a personal thing and surely a form of flattery…Vlad, for the record you can draw me anytime with boobs any size as long as I have a mermaid tail!!

Demi, she is a human being like the rest of us, not an alien from the planet Lovato who has no feelings…she has insecurities, being in the industry she is in, probably more insecurities than a lot of us…she will have initially thought, Oh My God (or something similar) people will expect me to look like that…..completely missing the fact that we already know she doesn’t have a tail….

Another human trait of ours, see the negative before the positive…she does say it’s gorgeous and it is….and she is….so the mad world of the viral internet blows it totally out of proportion and the haters step in….(great publicity though for the artist, he is only 17 so I hope he uses it as he should…)

To answer some of the haters…..”Who is Demi Lovato anyway?”  Yep, as above, a human being just like you, somebody’s daughter, somebody’s best friend…

“Why is this trending anyway?” Number one, it is important enough for somebody to comment on, it is important to THEM even if not YOU, Number two….you commented on it…..

Anyway, that’s out of my system now….let’s see what is trending today….


Today….go on!!! Like Yourself!!!

Geri xxx

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