Don’t Try to Overhaul Your Life Overnight..


I don’t know about you, but I am a constant planner….I visualise exactly how I want to look,  exactly how I would like to act, exactly what I should eat….and then I just don’t act on those plans….because they overwhelm me…

I have read just a few pages of Steve Kamb’s Level Up Your Life and I already realise I am just a little gnome with a massive pile of underpants…you have to read it to understand this….believe me it makes sense…I have trickled into the second stage just a little, I have taken a little action…and I believe that to be the secret….don’t try and do it all at once, but don’t continue to make plans which you never ever act upon…It might not be the right plan for you, but you will never know unless you have a try…and don’t feel you failed if it doesn’t go to plan and you hate it…just move on to something else….

I am experimenting with diet and food to find the plan which is healthiest for me….

I am doing some beginner yoga exercises….I watch with wide eyes when I see the many examples of shake free balance perfect handstands and think I could never do that…but why not? They have!  I can now stand with straight legs and touch my palms to the floor, there is improvement just one little stage at a time…I am trawling through boxes and boxes of memories and old clothes and plastic objects that appear to have no purpose and I am getting rid of all of it….selling it, donating it, throwing it away…and it feels pretty good!!

When we get our garden back I want to learn to grow things…

I rarely watch TV….except Gogglebox, I love Gogglebox…they kind of do the TV watching for me and then I watch them doing it….weird? maybe….

Anyway, Steve’s book is pretty interesting, even for me who doesn’t and have never played those video games he uses throughout as examples….I won’t finish it just yet as Christopher is reading it and I have these….when it’s finished it will most likely end up on My Favourite Books! list.


This stops me falling asleep with a phone in my face….phone now banished from the bedroom…. and Lisa is such a great story teller….

So….planning all done, now action….whatever you want to do….write a book, get fit, learn to cook, learn to play an instrument….(I learnt to ride a jetski and got the certificate to prove it! That’s something I never expected) just take one small step today….sign up for a class….give up your job and go back to Uni…start writing a blog….even if you think it’s rubbish and nobody will read it….do just 20 minutes stretching….get a recipe and try it….choose a project from that pile and start it…find a volunteering role….write a letter to a friend (no not an email, a proper paper hand written letter)….Just do something…..I would love to hear about what you did!!


Good Luck!!

Have a productive Thursday!!

Geri xxx

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