What Makes the World Go ‘Round…


This morning was a slow start, we sat in bed….I would originally have said, for far too long over our morning cuppa….

However, a bit of chatting and reminiscing is always a good thing, a great way to start the day….

We remembered back a few years when we were working so hard in our little warehouse….up before dark, packing parcels all day…no breaks, until it was dark again and then going home….to a home that was part renovated, part decorated and remaining that way indefinitely because we had no extra time…Georgia rarely saw us and when she did we were baggy eyed and grouchy.

Then, to add to that we decided last year to give Flyboarding experiences…mainly at the weekend….you know, in those few hours we had left….were we mad??? Well, yes and no…

We had a great time doing this and we met some lovely, lovely people…and we put smiles on peoples faces….

But the cost to us was near on exhaustion…

So, decisions were made….the secret to being happier is downsizing…for us…not about how many hours work you can fit into one day…not about having to work all those hours just to pay for your outgoings….the majority of those outgoings are so not necessary…why did I need to keep buying shoes that I don’t wear and dresses that just hang in the wardrobe…sadly awaiting the non existent occasion to be worn….


So, sometimes it is good to take that extra hour lying in bed with a cup of tea discussing life….ask yourself what is really important?  Make those changes if you need to…don’t get stuck in that rut….we all do it from time to time…it is never too late to make that change…

Today is apparently World Smile Day….let’s just take that to mean the first World Smile day of many….don’t just make someone smile today…try to do it every day….if you can…and it only has to be something small….

So what does make the world go ’round….Freddie Mercury and Pooh think it’s fat bottomed girls….as a fat bottomed girl myself I think I might just go with that….yes, today, fat bottomed girls you make this rockin’ world go round….tomorrow it might be tiny bottomed girls…everyone gets a go….


It’s also Friday…now I’m smiling….

Geri xxx

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