Buy Less, Choose Well….


What a weekend of total sorting out….stuff and stuff and more stuff…..We had one complete room, our lounge, full of boxes and yes I mean full, right up to the door…no room to even walk in there….no idea what was in those boxes….the remnants of several house moves….the never unpacked boxes….having spent a few years in the sheds, then when sheds went for space for the garage build they were brought into the house….

On Saturday we collected up those boxes and in three van trips took them to our warehouse, now ready for sorting….and I intend to be ruthless!  Having peeked into a few of them I have to confess that most likely 50% of it will be dumped….45% sold and donated and just the few bits and pieces will replace items we have that need replacing…there was an awful lot of “I forgot I had that!!!”….I found my missing yoga mat bag, there was a moment of excitement!

As we are totally rock and roll these days we celebrated by a Saturday evening food shopping in Bude and treating ourselves to Indian tastiness….


On Sunday…more sorting of stuff….Christopher outside in the much welcomed sunshine….painting and sawing and enjoying the new garage….

For me, sorting out kitchen cupboards….emptying out,  throwing out rubbish…only putting back the items I really use and clearing away clutter from kitchen tops that doesn’t need to be on show…

A massive reduction in plastic….why do we keep the lids with no bottoms….why do we do that???

It is a challenge….made interesting by Christophers’ need to rummage through the bin like a desperate tramp….”what if we find the bottom that goes with this lid?”  We won’t but if we did then the bottom would be discarded too because there are only so many plastic containers one kitchen needs….He was convinced to put it back in the bin….

Just a very quick tidy of one area makes a huge difference….if this is all you have time for I very much recommend doing it…it feels fantastic…. Don’t be fooled, those drawers still need doing….but one step at a time…even though it can be frustrating…it would be great if the clutter fairies would just visit one night and it all be done in the morning….but where would the job satisfaction be in that??

Onwards to new culinary ventures….delving into the Slimming World recipe indexes…..this prawn curry was one of the best curries I have yet made….will bring you the recipe for this shortly….


I am now on my way into that warehouse crammed with stuff to sort….but just one box at a time, one box at a time….here we go!!


Happy Very Cold Monday!

Geri xxx

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