Be Flawsome….


So, Amy Childs is trending because she has been caught out photoshopping (or something technically similar) her Instagram photos…..oh my days….we already know this don’t we?  It’s not just Amy…it’s 99% of the people isn’t it? Or I hope so because some are so perfect we have no hope of  reaching these ideals….

Unfortunately we all get dragged into the trap of wanting to look like the girl in the magazine…even if we don’t like to admit it….and we all know she doesn’t even look like that either….

The sad part is that Amy is already very beautiful but most likely doesn’t see this….because of things people say to her, say about her….she feels the need to do this because of the way she has been made to feel….no doubt around her family and closest friends she is as natural as you and me…..

Luckily I am pretty ready to be Flawsome…I have so many flaws I wouldn’t know where to start…but I have my health…..I have my happiness….I have my teeth, my hair….poor eyesight, but they are still my eyes….

I have said it before and will say it again….if a girl wants to wear five inches thick of make up and false everything it’s really up to her…if it makes you feel good about yourself just do it….ignore the haters and live your own life….live and let live….


If you don’t like the way someone else looks just keep it to yourself, appreciate their individuality…see the person that they are…make your mind up about the person within….not the surface….in my experience, the way I used to look was just a mask…it wasn’t the real me….it was exactly how I thought I should look…..I know, I know….with age comes wisdom….there lies the silver lining….

On that note….don’t be an “Amy Hater”….we have all filtered our photos….just have some fun with it and be yourself, flaws and all because we ALL have them…..except Patrick Dempsey….he doesn’t have them….there has to be just the one exception….

Just learn to accept yourself, everything and everyone else will take care of themselves….


Happy Tuesday!!!

Geri xxx

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