The Joneses are Broke…


So, little steps can bring about big change….We have those habits, you know having the latest fashion, having the latest car, having the latest phone….and it gradually becomes second nature to upgrade every time there is an upgrade to be had…just because everyone else does…and if it makes you happy, really really happy….do it…But have a good, long think about what you think happiness is….is it being in debt to have those things (and believe me I have been there!)  or is it having just what is necessary for you and still having the funds to pay the bills each month….just imagine how that feels….and don’t spend your valuable thinking time wishing you were like those Joneses….chances are they are in debt and pretty miserable trying to keep up with you…

Tiny step one….magazine subscriptions… I am guilty of being a magazine addict, in fact nearly caved only this morning when Slimming World reminded me by e-mail that my subscription had ended…all those new recipes I might miss out on!! Oh, but all those recipes I haven’t tried yet still sitting in the pile!  All those free recipes I could find online…

When I start a subscription it is a magical day when that new edition lands on the doormat and I rip it open eagerly and flick through it with my after work cup of tea….and you know what? That’s all I do….I flick through it, might scan read a couple of articles and enjoy the pictures…then it goes onto the pile for when I can read it “properly”.  The pile is still there…

A couple of months into the subscription I open the envelope, peer in and look at the cover…then it goes onto the pile for when I can flick through it…they are still there….

Now the envelope arrives and I know what it is and I put it on the pile for when I have time to open it…they are still there too….

Now, I finally have no magazine subscriptions…when I feel like a magazine read I will go and buy one and read it through before purchasing another…and then it goes straight to the doctors surgery or the hairdressers for others to make use of it….easy…it feels good too!


I’m not saying never have that subscription….if you actually read each issue and not stockpile it for later then you are telling your money where to go…you are using it….you are not wondering where your spare pennies went….just think about it…and if you recognise yourself in the words up there…cancel that subscription today….right now, right this minute….well done!!

Now enjoy your Wednesday!! It’s now cold…it’s fire weather!!


Now that is the fire in the lounge that had been hidden behind a multitude of boxes for so long…I had forgotten how much I love this fire!!

Thanks to Carol and Sharon for sending me back pictures of their fires…I love to think of us all snuggled around our own little fires in our own little homes….still waiting on your radiator picture Caroline…..

So, wrap up warm…and when you see those Joneses just smile and wave and perhaps invite them over for a cup of tea and a proper chat….

Geri xxx

3 thoughts on “The Joneses are Broke…

  1. have to remove the boxes and junk first then you will get photo think I might stick poster of fire place on it you know like those video’s you get for tv hahahahah


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