Look for Something to Compliment…


This is the very problem with me and customer services….why I don’t have it as my career goal…the guys and girls that work full time in customer services…I just don’t know how you continue to smile….how you have any faith left in human kindness….every time I chat to someone in customer services and they are happy and really lovely, I think…”oh you must be new, you haven’t been ruined by it yet…”

Why do we feel the need to complain….all the time….about every little unimportant thing….and then, if it doesn’t go our way we need to share it on Facebook and Twitter, every way we possibly can to shame people…leave negative Ebay feedback, absolutely no regard for the mere human being on the other end of our wrath….

Now, I do agree there is a place for complaints…things do go wrong and it IS someones fault…but we have made huge mountains out of molehills, blown things up into massive problems…and within all of this we have forgotten how to compliment.

When was the last time you got a parcel in the post you were so pleased with or had a really lovely meal and actually did something about it…no, not just Trip Advisor…the person you dealt with doesn’t always see that…

Today, when you receive great service or something goes to plan, no problems…find out that persons name…drop them a letter or an e-mail and just say thanks….it’s a really simple thing to do and believe me, it happens so rarely that it will make someones day…

I actually do this…quite often…not so hot at letter writing but have been known to send an e-mail…it only takes a few minutes and it’s really easy….Slowly, you will start to notice all of those good things in life…your days will get better…they always have been, you have just not been noticing this….


On the other hand, don’t expect people to do this for you….the complaints YOU get are mostly not personal and says more about the complainer than it does about you… accept that you can’t please all of the people all of the time…let it go…answer it and move on….


I actually see myself as quite a nice person…human like everyone else, but yes, I am alright…but have I been mean to wonderful people in traffic, yes I most certainly have….this, I am working on…

Have a fab and thoughtful Thursday!!

Geri xxx

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