‘It’s been scary but great fun.’

A brilliant artist and a very lovely lady!! 🙂

Start Somewhere

AbbieAnne Searle is a Jack-of-all-Trades when it comes to crafting and artistry.  She has built up her expertise in creating things over the course of a decade, and has been able to collaborate on other pieces of work along the way too.  She works mostly in patchwork, textile & watercolour.  She is based in Wadebridge, UK.

I was never happier than playing in the art-room, especially if I could find a reason to use the dried sunflower as my inspiration for the class. I can and do appreciate art on so many levels. I see all of life in colour and shape, music gets added in here and there as well. For every one item I produce there could have been fifty pieces of inspiration, each with many more connotations. My mind is alive with ideas and ‘what if’s?’, not only for myself but for those I teach as well…

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