More Space or Less Stuff?


It has taken many years of moving to bigger places to fit in all the stuff….I have to call it the “stuff” because I couldn’t really tell you exactly what the stuff consists of….

The light bulb moment started with discovering a talk on You Tube by The Minimalists – they talk much sense and are pretty cute as an added bonus… at this point I realised (I had already known this but chosen to block it) that I don’t need this stuff in boxes…the mysterious space hoarders, the bits covered in cobwebs….believe me those cobwebs are not pink….

So, time to get rid of the stuff and therefore reduce the space….and go and actually do things….the things we always slot away as pipe dreams, as things other people do but we actually never will….if we carry on as we have been….

Just half an hour available yesterday evening….but it’s half an hour closer to having it cleared…


A little pile of things collected from our kitchen, dining room and living area….old paperwork for burning…wires, chargers etc. no clue what they might charge….

I made a purchase this week, but it was something I needed….I had these lovely knives for Christmas from Georgia and they need to be seen, no need to stash these away in the drawer….I bought a magnetic knife holder…just £10 so no great financial loss and pretty pleasing…


We have very few DVD’s and rarely watch TV, but when we do we use Netflix – have had no problems using them…in fact we do get our moneys worth because Georgia watches every episode of just about anything….more than once….

If we want to watch something new we go to the little cinema not too far from us….it’s a bit of an outing for us…comfy seats…only fell asleep there once….

We have very few CD’s….I have been listening to the same Jason Mraz CD for about a year and a half in my car commute to work, which is just a short one….this morning interrupted with a cows changing fields….but Jason is keeping me happy in the mornings…(there’s a thought)…

We use Spotify and again no problems with this system…Georgia and I share it….the only downside being she changes my chosen music remotely with her phone when I am mid shower….when I can’t get out and have to listen to Justin Bieber for the duration….nothing against Justin…but not really my cup of tea….OK, I admit, it makes me swear a little bit when I hear it changing….

So DVDs and CDs no great clear up for us there….but books…I just can’t change over yet to the Kindle…it doesn’t have the same feeling for me….I don’t have millions of books, just one shelf in the downstairs toilet…even though I do plan to have a bookshelf in the “she-shed” I have planned for the bottom of the garden…a bookshelf and an armchair…and some fairy lights…and maybe a little bit of bunting…

At the moment when I get a new book, I have to remove a book from the shelf and donate it….I do have a plan to sort out a local book swap at some point….maybe when that “she-shed” is in place….we have a crazy idea about a revolving shed…it might not be so crazy after all….I think a Saturday morning book swap and cake session could be a good plan….

Today is publication day –

The Cosy Christmas Teashop

by Caroline Roberts.

My pre-order is in for the paperback version, but if you can’t wait it is available on Kindle today… you might want to purchase The Cosy Teashop in the Castle first if you haven’t already read it as this one is the sequel…who doesn’t need some pure escapism? I know I love it…and there are recipes in there too…you know the comfort type…cookies, fire, Christmas stories…life is complete…except for Patrick Dempsey, yes, he could be there stroking my feet as I read….I mean, Christopher….he could be there stroking my feet and life would be complete….

Good luck today Caroline…hope it’s everything you wanted it to be….

So, I continue through the grand clear up mission….confusing the cats along the way…


Timmy Twoshoes (the one without the tail) “Will you stop changing stuff!!”


From Becoming Minimalist….

Happy Friday….my best day!!!!

Geri xxx

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