Stop Rushing Through Life….


A happy refreshing weekend….

Christopher with a digger and chippings…


Happy boy….

Me reading and cooking…

Happy me…. Lisa Jewell’s I Found You finds it’s way into My Favourite Books! list and Banana Chocolate Chip cake with Cashew Nut Butter Icing…finds it’s way into my favourite recipes…now that’s a new list to start very soon….

I had decided exercise and activity was the way forward and had been putting it off and putting it off…so today we decided to walk to Trebarwith Strand…have a drink and then walk back again…we had sunshine, we had rain, we had rainbows and pasties…

The walk worked….I found my need to exercise again….feel fabulously better…Of course having a hot chocolate at the Port William, Trebarwith Strand is a breath of fresh air in my book…

Continue with simplicity folks….Just be you and things will get easier…


Monday is coming! We can do this!!

Geri xx

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