Will You People Stop Eating Here!…


Today I am talking kitchen again…..it is my favourite room in my house….But don’t you just find yourself forever tidying it, cleaning it, only to look at it and it still looks cluttered and messy….

Now it’s time to put it all away….even those kitchen appliances….you will be surprised how much room you have left in your kitchen cupboards when you go through them and be rid of anything that you haven’t used in the last 6 months….I now have a place for the slow cooker, the food processor and the toaster…however, if my toaster looked like this I would keep it on display…


That’s not a toaster for hiding!   I keep my toaster and my processor each on it’s own plastic tray and pop them back in the cupboard when cleaned and finished with….I keep the kettle out and about because we drink tea….like a lot…..but I have to get a prettier kettle now….

Clean and clutter free kitchen surfaces is the aim, without getting obsessive about it…then it becomes a problem…admittedly I have started glaring evil daggers at anyone who leaves a cup out….I must try to curb this behaviour…but, once you do the whole put everything away exercise you will be surprised at how difficult it is to just drop something there and leave it….teenagers aside…most people would struggle…..

So, the basics….firstly take everything out of that kitchen you don’t use….just take it out….put it in a pile ready to decide what you will do with it….don’t procrastinate…do that pile straight away….

Take everything out of that kitchen that does not belong there….I have shampoo and toiletries sitting on the corner nearest the door ready to go to the bathroom….it can sit there for weeks….just do it…..

Think long and hard about all of those gadgets….do you really really use them? If no, they must go….Many minimalists don’t have a microwave…it’s a personal thing…I use mine to reheat not to cook things so it doesn’t take me away from cooking properly….teenagers aside…we don’t have convenience meals…

Every day deal with the mail…another of my guilty habits…leaving it there for days on end won’t sort it out and it just becomes more clutter…either do something with it or throw it away….simple…

Empty the dishwasher every morning so that during the day any dirty dishes can be placed in there straight away, no leaving them on the kitchen counter awaiting the grand loading procedure….(I hold my hand up though, I actually forgot to empty the dishwasher this morning, I know what will be waiting for me when I get home….my own fault….).  Or, don’t have a dishwasher….I actually love mine, and we have a kitchen sink without a draining board….that’s my excuse…I always hated washing dishes….But, this does mean I have to keep remembering to clean the sink….it’s on my daily list of little things to do…

There we go….clutter free kitchen tops is the way to go….just try it and see how you feel, if you hate it just go back to covering your kitchen surfaces with things again…at least you gave it a go….

It’s going to leave you more time to do other things…


Happy Tuesday!!!

Geri xxx

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