30 Days of Gratitude..2.Talk to your Family..


Today is supposed to be about the technology for which I am grateful….I don’t know though, I am indeed torn…

The technology these days is amazing, medically amazing, educationally amazing…but socially amazing…maybe not all of  the time…

For example….I am off to work in my car….my phone battery dies…what will I do?? I remind myself that my parents never had mobile phones and they are not traumatised in any way….my Dad had the oldest cars you can imagine and believe me they broke down all of the time….he always managed…might have had to walk a bit to find a phone, but maybe that’s why he is nearly 80 and still hugely active….

It totally bugs me when I see a family of people on holiday, every single one of them looking at their phones…(not being overly judgemental here as we have done this too…then have to remind ourselves constantly to chat to each other).  Where did the days go when we used to actually “be” on holiday and not have half our brains still chatting to people at home and sharing our every move with them….then, we came home and waited two weeks to receive our photos, half of them with heads cut off and half of them useless, just to put them in a box never to be seen again….

I have one….I am grateful for the camera facility on my phone!! You can capture great moments, just be rid of it if it’s not a good picture, or Georgia’s non existent double chin apparently will ruin her life from the publishing of it….I guess it’s all about balance, get that great shot and then put the phone away and actually look at that great view….or your loved ones….

Educationally Google search….the best… You need to know something, you can find it…you want to learn how to do something….you can learn it…the possibilities are endless..

Joshua Fields Millburn of The Minimalists has removed the internet from his home….whilst I love the idea of this…we live in a small Cornish village and have no Internet cafe to be able to visit for our Internet usage…in fact we apparently yesterday only just got 4G so our circumstances are a little different…For us it will all be about willpower…some days I am great at it…other days I struggle…

Facebook, great to keep in touch with family and friends I most likely wouldn’t be in touch with…I like that….and meeting like minded people all around the world, I love that….

I come from a childhood with no microwave, a Betamax video player, at one time no TV remote control…yes we had to get out of our chairs to change channels…and of channels we only had 3….I don’t recall ever being bored so we always had something to do…or we found something to do….

But do I love being able to do my shopping from home….as the anti social creature I have become, of course I do….I order it…someone bring it to me…I never have to push through to the checkout ever again….I am talking food here because as you know I am minimalising my belongings…not too much shopping to be done now…

Sat Nav….I love that…most of the time…sometimes it can be interesting….we don’t see as many farmyards now as we used to with my Dad at the helm as kids….

There you go…technology…there’s good and there’s not so good…but really it’s all just down to our own choices….put the phones away at the meal table….if that’s all you do then there is a start….find out what sort of day everyone had…you might be surprised….and someone is sitting next to you…talk to them…don’t ask them stuff in a Facebook status….don’t tell them you love them in a Facebook status….tell them to their faces…..don’t Facebook poke them….visit them and give them a hug….a massive hug….and chat…let’s do some more of that….

Let’s be grateful that we have each other…


I once did tree planting for the National Trust with my sister, we had no phones so there are no pictures….but it was a great day and a memory that stays with me…and those trees are huge now!

Have a lovely Thursday!!

Geri xxx

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