30 Days of Gratitude..3..Find Happiness in Rainbows..


You know what? Sometimes when I feel a little down, all I need to do is surround myself with some colour….I guess we all have our own happy colours…for me it’s all the bright ones…I like the thought of a minimal house and am working on it…but there will be bright colour splashes, I don’t think I could really exist without them….

A mention here for my favourite internet colourful people…I always, always smile when I see them popping up on my timeline…

There’s Katwise and her beautiful colourful house and knitwear creations…

Could I live in that house?? I absolutely could! Do I have it on my bucket list to learn to sew, purchase one of her tutorials and make something like that…I absolutely do!! After my minimalising is done I am making me one of these, I shall feel pretty accomplished!

If you have the time to do it now…here is a link for  you…

The Katwise Etsy Shop – lots of tutorials here for you to try!

The other is Saramai from Saramai Jewells…

Proving to us here that bright colour is timeless…ageless…don’t get older and more invisible…be as bright as you like forever!  If I could get my hands on either of these dresses I would break my “no purchasing” rule for just a moment or two…

You can see more of Sara Mai at her Instagram Page.

So, having a rubbish day?? Just hop on that unicorn and go find that rainbow…it’s just as simple as that!


Geri xxx

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