30 Days of Gratitude..4..My Friendship’s Free..


Day four is actually about food….so here I choose to share a pot of tea and a piece of cake with you…

If I have to pick between an expensive restaurant and just being at home with a cup of tea…some cake…and an open fire, whilst reading a book….there is absolutely no competition…

In December I will be 50….Do I expect a surprise party…I do not….If anybody wants to pop around and see me, I will put the kettle on, light the fire, sling some cushions on the old sofas and expect an hour or two of pure gossip.  I will be wearing yoga trousers and an oversized sweatshirt with thick socks and probably won’t have brushed my hair that day….You won’t have to bring a present because I don’t need anything and I will feed you cake…lots of it….We will put the world to rights….

So, I am grateful for food….I know there are those that go without…..I don’t buy food I won’t use and very rarely throw much of it away….I am the master of leftover creations…

Expensive restaurants are there for those of you who enjoy them….please, go enjoy them…they are making a living like everyone else….

Me, I prefer to be at home with a book or two….I have done enough partying for a lifetime, half of them I don’t remember…what wasted fun times they were…


Today it’s Saturday….and my decluttering mission continues….

Cooking to do, cake to be made and fires to be lit…

Happy Weekend!!

Geri xxx

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