30 days of Gratitude..5..The Perfect Lullaby..


Today is about the sounds I am grateful for….I love the sound of rain…when I am indoors…especially just before I go to sleep…I am pretty grateful to live in a beautiful place where, even though we complain about the weather and the rain and the wind at times, we don’t get the extreme weathers of other places in the world…

It’s raining out there right now…I am in my little container office and it’s tickling the tin roof and pretty comforting…I might think differently when I sprint across the muddy yard with my paperwork in a few minutes time…

Sounds are interesting for me at the moment as I appear to have tinnitus…thankfully not too annoying and my brain is getting used to it…yes, interesting more than annoying…the vertigo in the middle of the night is strange…but bearable…

I’m not one for loud noises…however, we did go to Robot Wars in Gloucester yesterday and that was pretty entertaining….loud noises and all…a couple of photos to share tomorrow…but we decided to watch with our eyes and not with our phones….so no robot overkill for you… Lots of driving as it is 3 hours away…but worth it for a day out….

More of my happy noises and sounds….the crackle of an open fire, birds singing, I actually like the sound of seagulls…it always means the beach is nearby….the sound of the sea….I like that music with whale and dolphin noises….I DON’T like church bells…I lived next to the church for a short time, this might be why….Sunday mornings were interesting….

My favourite music….and it’s amazingly varied….Jason Mraz (yep,still the same CD in my car in the mornings, it’s been over a year now), any Yoga Chill music, I like the music you get in Indian restaurants, I love big band music, Buble…voice like melting chocolate…oh yes please….I love some Bob Marley, a bit of Jools Holland, some Bruno Mars, a little bit of Imagine Dragons, a pinch of BB King, a dollop of Pink and ever now and then some Cage the Elephant….so you see, no particular genre there….I use Spotify so no massive CD collection and no need to buy anything online, my tastes change day by day….

Just take today to listen…..we take it all so much for granted….listen to people laughing, listen to the wind (no Christopher, not yours!)….sometimes just listen to the silence…(I am missing that one at the moment)….don’t always have the TV or the radio on as background noise…


Slow yourself down today….you deserve it…

Happy Monday…

Geri xxx

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