30 Days of Gratitude..6..The Best Box of Crayons..


Today is all about nature.  I live in Cornwall, one of the best places to observe nature in all its glory…from the North Coast (where we live)..


To the South Coast, quite different but equally as beautiful…


I don’t live in the city and don’t want to live in the city…we have tiny roads littered with slow dirty tractors, sometimes you have to stop to let the cows cross the road, sometimes there are sheep running along side your car, sometimes grass grows in the middle of the road…but I love it…


The majority of the time my car Ethel is dragging her way down a hedge to let others through…Ethel is not so hot on reversing though…bit of a zig zag procedure…but hey ho, we can’t all be good at everything…Ethel is still practising…

Is there anyone not able to find something in nature to be grateful for?  Birdsong, gentle rain…oh, especially rain on a really hot day…we only get rain on cold days here…but when watching the Disney fireworks..


..we got the biggest downpour, it was hot and sticky and the raindrops were huge, I mean massive…we had no coats and were soaked to the skin, it was glorious, so much fun!! Everyone else had shuffled off through the puddles….what was the matter with them??

If you are feeling rubbish today, find somewhere to walk, somewhere green, somewhere with no houses in sight, somewhere to breathe…strangely a little robin just hopped in to visit me in my metal container office…he comes to say hello quite often…well, he comes to eat my crumbs….

If you can, get out on the water, dolphins, there’s another of mother natures beauties…

If it rains, look for the rainbow! If you grow just one sunflower it’s better than none…

So, go outside, breathe the fresh air….switch off the TV…enjoy yourself, see how much better you will feel…

Have an open air Tuesday!!

Geri xxx

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude..6..The Best Box of Crayons..

  1. Cornwall sounds like and looks like a dreamy paradise. I love it. Living in a big city can make one forget about the little things that matter most. I’s rather see tractors than trash. I love it!!!!!!

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