30 Days of Gratitude..8..To Read or Not to Read..


Today it’s books….the books to be grateful for…the writers who bring us those books, the sweat and tears to write them, the criticism to endure when the book is out…but I am ever thankful for authors and books….

Until quite recently I had forgotten how much I used to love to read fiction…it was a forgotten pastime for me….

Then along came The Torn Up Marriage
by Caroline Roberts.  Now, Caroline and I were school friends…we sat together in English…on the most part I probably copied her…(not really Caroline, I think that’s evident in our final results, and I had really bad eyesight and wouldn’t wear my glasses!) So, I thought, I must read this book, Caroline has been writing for many years, I must read it and do my loyal friend thing…It took me about three evenings to finish it….it was really, really good and more than anything reminded me how much I love to read, to lose myself in a story, to immerse myself in the feelings and the characters and to think….to find messages to make decisions about the world and about life….

I prefer to read proper paper books, the Kindle is not for me…it’s too much like staring at an ipad and a book smells better and the page turning…it’s too much of an experience to miss…so no Kindles, just books….

Since this book there are two more from Caroline… The Cosy Teashop in the Castle which I loved, even more for me than the first book…and to follow on The Cosy Christmas Teashop  this one is out on Kindle…I have my paperback pre-ordered to come out to me at the beginning of November….

Thank you Caroline for bringing books back into my “forever scrolling Facebook” life…

Since this I have moved on…having an insatiable desire to read a chapter or two before sleep each night and discovered other favourites…

I love Sheryl Browne…..

I love everything from Lisa Jewell…

I adore Jane Green….especially Mr Maybe and Jemima J…

Go to My Favourite Books! to find some more….

Two all time favourites in the self help field… Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway: How to Turn Your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life…hugely recommended if you haven’t already tried them…they are oldies…but goodies…

So, am I grateful for books?  I think you already worked that one out for yourself…if you have stopped reading lately….give it a go….swap books with a friend…go and borrow them from the library….find the genre which appeals to you most…put down the phone and pick up the story…escape for a little while…it really does do you some good…

Pick up a book, tell me what you read and tell me how you enjoyed it….or didn’t…


Geri xxx

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