30 Days of Gratitude..9..This is our Happy Place..


Today is about the places we feel grateful for….There are so many beautiful places in the world, so many seen and so many yet to see…However, the place I feel most grateful for is home…

There are so many in this world without a place to call “home”…so many searching just for a room, a place, a friend to treat as home…And home, indeed, is exactly what you make of it…

For me, home is slowly becoming even more homelier….(is that a word?) since the decision to remove all the clutter and surround ourselves only with what we need and with what we love…and slowly you begin to see each other again….

Of course, it helps now that we have heating and we have fires and we have a cooker and now a garage…but having lived in the shell of this house with none of that, surrounded by dust (there is still a little bit of that, I am not super housewife just yet) and builders (even though they were charming and quite cute)…those things you take for granted become even more cherished….at one point we were having to fill the kettle from the tap in the garden and having to walk up the road to the public toilets when nature called…Again, I realise that even these are luxuries denied to many….

I have been meaning to read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl…


I always selfishly thought it might upset me…but I feel it is something I need to read…really make me grateful for what I have… his quotes always touch me…so book ordered…


So, even though I love to travel and see new places…it’s always, always, lovely to go home….albeit to do the laundry and sleep in your own bed again….home, not the house I live in right now…but any house that we have made our home…the place we go to when we want to just be with each other…wearing old PJs, wrapped in a blanket and cuddling…simple as that…


Whilst striving for the things you might think you want, look at what you have right now, appreciate it and enjoy it…be happy…

Geri xxx

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