30 Days of Gratitude..11..Do What is Good for your Soul..


Today is about holidays….we all have memorable holidays, places and times we are so grateful for….For me the holiday is made by the company rather than by the place…

I have been just as happy travelling around Cornwall in the van with our tent and a back pack as I have been travelling overseas to grand places…in fact happier because a relaxed flier I am not…

If you think back to your favourite holidays you will most likely find that the company was a massive part of the experience…some people are just so great to spend time with..no stresses…laid back…

Last year we did Madeira…it was stunning….just Christopher and me, staying on an organic farm with just a few holiday houses, after 6pm the cliff side lift was closed and it was just the few of us down there….we chilled every evening, listening to the sea crashing against the shore, reading books, lighting the BBQ, eating organic fruit and veg….Rolling out of bed in the morning for a sweet mango breakfast….walking through the farm….plucking up the courage to get into that lift again…it was a little scary…. They were building and do now have in place, a cable car…to be fair it looks even scarier, but there you go, feel the fear and enjoy it anyway….


Faja Dos Padres, Madeira.

Hugely recommended if you want a chilled out time away from the crowds…

Other holidays include, of course Florida and Disney and then a few days travelling down through the Florida Keys…stunning….Christopher, me and Georgia….

A month in Vancouver with Mr Mike Bowerbank when I was a teenager….huge thanks to Mike’s family for looking after me, I was a very naive traveller back then…. What an amazing city….

We also love the Canaries….still trying to decide which one we like the best….might have another little go at one of them in December….

We also plan to do the UK, the coastline, all the way around…when we have slowed up on working and can give it all of our time…so if you live in the UK….look out, we are going to visit!!

My favourite place is still home though…chilling out with these guys…

So, if you are thinking about getting away, talk with your favourite people…decide where to go, remember it doesn’t have to be exotic or expensive if you are with the right company….just do it…


Geri xxx

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