30 Days of Gratitude..12..Your Sparkle Has Not Gone Unnoticed..


Today is about textures…had to think long and hard about this one as textures are not something I think about too much and maybe I should…I like the feel of silk…I like the look of lace…crisp cotton sheets are marvellous…I have to wait for hotels for this as I am not that hot on laundry…all a bit hit and miss and nothing ever matches…

So today I am showing you pretty pictures and links to those pictures…none affiliated..

Ruth Singer – Textile Artist

Judith Baker Montano – they can be pretty expensive to purchase, which is not surprising due to the amount of beautiful time which goes into this artwork…if you don’t want to spend that much…get the book and have a go yourself….absolutely stunning….

Also try out Cover Story on Folksy

My purchase came wrapped so beautifully that I decided it only should  be opened by somebody who deserved it and who didn’t actually know what was within the lovely parcel…so I have sent it to the deserving recipient…can’t say where it is going as it won’t have arrived yet…but I hope for a picture of it when it gets there to show you…it is really lovely…thank you Angela I will be back for more from you….

So, yes, in my world of downsizing, I am throwing in some purchases…just make sure it is a quality, beautiful item…you will use it, you need it…you won’t just buy it and throw it in a drawer never to see the light of day again….or, you are buying it for someone, just to make them smile…


Have a lovely Wednesday….and make someone smile…and look at pretty things…just sparkle…

Geri xxx

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