30 Days of Gratitude 13..Which Step Have You Reached Today..


Today is all about the abilities we have for which we are grateful….I spend a huge amount of time appreciating the abilities of others…it is so much easier to see them in others and oh so difficult to find them in yourself…Me? I spend far too much time on steps two and three…Christopher is the master of getting to the top stair…apparently with ease, even though I can tell you there is a huge amount of hard work involved….Some of us just believe we can do whatever we like, some of us don’t …but I do believe we can change this..

Zipwire at Eden? Hopped over step one, I was determined to do it….kind of jumped right on up to step 3….step 4 was loads of searches on You Tube to check out how it was done…step 5 and 6 merged into one big step getting harnessed up….step 7 was thrust upon me as I dangled there waiting to be pushed…step 8…what a fantastic step…I don’t reach step 8 often enough.  Think of something you don’t think you can do….go on! Creep your way up those steps…you might be surprised…

We spend a massive amount of time encouraging our loved ones to achieve and to realise their brilliant abilities….even though we should never stop doing this, maybe sometimes we need to do a little more of it for ourselves…

Let me think….I am finally able to cook….I used to be totally useless and stuck on “I want to do it”…as soon as I made the leap and jumped into “How do I do it?” the momentum was there….now I love it…Of course, if you have the passion, the ability should naturally follow….if you don’t love to do something…just don’t do it…move on and find your passion, don’t feel let down, don’t feel like you are letting anyone else down…just choose something else and climb another flight of stairs…it won’t always be exactly what you had imagined at the top..it rarely is….just hop down to step 2 of the next staircase…

Yesterday….myself as guinea pig…Georgia had her first go at waxing…I had a moment of “This is going to hurt”, but you know what? She is a natural!  Yay, lets get training this personal beautician for me…..selfishly? nooooooo…… There,  a new ability is being born….she is setting off on her steps…I think she might get to the top of those stairs pretty quickly…

Yesterday I received my reading for November….I love the book parcel when it comes….Authors across the world, I salute you for your abilities…for sticking at it through all the rejections and making my bedtime a magical place for all types of stories and imaginings…

The mysterious parcel has been received by sister Soozi…she hasn’t had the best year with internet fraudsters stealing £204,000 from her meaning she couldn’t go through with a house purchase, meaning she is still in the one bedroom flat they were renting until they bought a house….meaning they now have to apply for a mortgage which will be a small one as they are technically old….obviously not old in spirit, just financial terms….meaning still now building up solicitors fees whilst everyone washes their hands of any responsibility… fraudsters….how do you sleep at night??? In fact, I really hope you don’t…..

Anyway, it was a small gesture, but now Rudolph has been hung on the wall and Christmas has officially started in that household…

Check out the other items at Cover Story I just spotted some cute bookmarks in there too….stocking filler joy!! (not affiliate link….just because it’s all lovely stuff!).

Not sure I had that much make up ever….let alone when I was 14…thanks to Glossybox I have a great range to choose from in Georgia’s room….when she is out….sshhhh…don’t anyone tell her….

So, today think about all of those abilities you already have and be grateful for them….think about all of those abilities you could have and just do it…throw yourself into the learning pit!  Have fun!! We are….in fact, we just bought our first classic car….watch this space…more to come….


Happy Friday…yay!!!

Geri xxx

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