30 Days of Gratitude..15..What Feels Like the End is Often the Beginning..


Short and sweet today as there is much to do here….two car collections in one week….finding out just how far you can drive when you forget to take the wheel clamp off the trailer….not recommended… Now the fun work starts in putting together the history of the cars and putting them right…apparently this is called “fettling”..on researching this word appears to come from up North which will explain my ignorance being a Cornish maid….

Today is about the changing seasons….the things we are grateful for in each season….and we truly are…even though the seasons are ever so subtly changing every year….Each time a new season begins I think…”Aaaaah this is my favourite season….”



Personally I have warm tea and messy hair as a constant through each season…but hot chocolate, woolly socks…yes, big sloppy sweaters….falling asleep to rainfall on the windows…the first lightings of the wood burners….the snuggling…reading books in bed on early dark nights….flickering candles…fairy lights…indeed, yes I do like Autumn…



Well, I don’t madly like being too cold….on the other hand I don’t madly like being too hot either….Of course, within the chill of winter there is Christmas….when the family gets together….when my mother falls off her chair pulling Christmas crackers, when my dad get’s excited about receiving a torch after one too many whiskys…when we wear silly hats and eat too much and love each other even more than we usually do….So for this family reason…yes, I really do like winter….



Aaaah, yes, Spring….the music of open windows….of nature coming to life again of birdsong….of washing on the line (when I get one again….) of brighter days, of bracing walks and healthy blooming cheeks (my peri-menopause is however giving me this one all year round…) of seeing neighbours about you haven’t seen in some time…the end of hibernation…Yes, Spring is most refreshing….I really like Spring



Being lucky enough to live on the coast, for us Summer is about those sandy toes and for me bright red, peeling nose rather than sunkissed….eating in the garden,  slowing down in the warmth….faces to the sun feeling the hotness through your eyelids….buzzy insects (we don’t suffer with these, we just hear them)…all the windows open….Now for us, maybe open topped car journeys…that will be a new one for me….the smell of cut grass….(tiny bit of sneezing)…and the bright colours of the flowers….the sound of the ocean…supper on the beach watching the sun go down….oh yes, I really do love the Summer….

So, do have a happy Friday….see as many happy things as you can….this is your life!!

Live it…


Going to bore you with car pictures on Sunday!!!

Watch this space…

Geri xxx

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