Let the Children Play…Sterydry Shoe Dryer and Sterilizer..


Now we are all…along with our children 100% washable and quick to towel dry…..however, our shoes…they are not….

Even though I am downsizing and minimalizing….when Sterydry asked for people to try out their product…I considered…do I need this new product?…then got a whiff of Christophers damp wetsuit boots and decided…indeed, yes I could do with giving this one a go….

What is the Sterydry?

“STERYDRY shoe dryer and sterilizer is first a sterilizer, deodorizer and disinfector who can produce sufficient, stable, controllable and adjustable ozone to disinfect shoes, helmet and gloves etc., to remove odors by killing efficiently various fungus including those of causing dermatophytosis (athlete’s foot).

STERYDRY shoe dryer and sterilizer is also a powerful dryer who can produce a heat of 70 °C rise. It becomes easy to dry a pair of wet shoes and sticky shoes even in very cold climate.”


We decided to try this out on those offending wetsuit boots….I have a very poor sense of smell…but those boots….Oh yes….I can always smell them…..

I have to admit to not being able to put things together usually….Christopher has many uses….this one….easy to put together, instructions easy to understand, I did it!…it basically sterilizes first and dries second….

We usually wash our boots in cold water and then just hang them up to drip dry and this can take AGES…..how many mornings have I forced on damp boots….not my favourite part of the jumping in the sea process… So, I rewashed these in cold water…then popped them on the Sterydry….Now, if doing this again I would most likely let them drip dry for a short while first….it’s amazing how much water comes out of a wet wetsuit boot….for this reason you will see a tea towel behind the machine collecting those extra drips…


Not being sure quite how long it would take I did two lots of twenty minutes on the drying….this left the foot part completely dry and the ankle part just slightly damp….brilliant….How about the smell?  I hear you cry….


I wouldn’t normally use this on my table but this is miraculous….he of the smelly boots can even sit next to them eating pancakes and smiling at the same time…. I plucked up the courage and stuck my nose right into those boots…they smell slightly of rubber…yep, the hideous odour is gone….all gone….

Now this little device will be staying in our house as we minimalize as it is most certainly something we will use…we have a couple of pairs of walking boots which need a wash….you can dry gloves, helmets, socks…you can place it in a room which needs a bit of a dry out and it will be perfect to attach to an extension lead in my car later….oh yes, I left my car window open in the rain last night…..

So, let your children play in the mud….indeed, play in the mud yourself…this little beauty will entice you to wash things you have been putting off for ages….


Click here to go and see the science stuff about how the Sterydry really works and what it can do for you…

Geri xxx

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