30 Days of Gratitude..16..A Celebration of What your Body CAN do..


Today is all about being grateful for the body….I struggle with this one…I know I should exercise more, I know I should eat properly…but the doing can sometimes be so hard..

In my twenties and in my thirties I was pretty fit…I ate properly, I was vegetarian for many years..I went to the gym almost every day..I swam a lot..I took all of this for granted and still thought I was fat…

Then along came baby, because I had not managed to get pregnant in ten years, this was some sort of miracle for me… and because of this I kind of wrapped myself in cotton wool, stopped exercising, just in case, had morning sickness so badly that the only time I felt well was when I was eating….usually sugar laden processed flapjacks…

After this I had the joy of post natal depression, guess what? Eating solved that too…

Now, nearly fifteen years on, with the benefit of hindsight, I realise it’s not about how thin you are, or how much you weigh….it’s all about how healthy you are…

I am working on it….luckily my years of working out have meant that being fit and healthy again is not out of my reach…in fact it should never be out of the reach of you no matter where you are on the fitness scale… Firstly my mind told me it would be too late…I am nearly fifty, time to sit in the chair and watch soaps…then, I spotted a couple of pretty inspiring You Tube clips…

Firstly this guy…Wang Deshun..aged 80..


If you are thinking it’s too late to find your best self…just click below and take a few moments to be inspired..

Be the Fiercest!

And this guy, Arthur, who had been told by doctors after injuries as a paratrooper, that he would not walk again…Just under 5 minutes to see what you can achieve by taking small steps each day…when I look at Instagram pictures of the super fit I find myself thinking, “I could never do that again”..watch Arthur at the start of his journey doing yoga poses…indeed folks, that is me…my balance is terrible…but stick it out until the end and watch Arthur transform…it’s going to inspire you, I promise!


It’s not anything trying to sell you magic potions or pills, it’s not selling you any clubs or books, it’s just pure hard work, with very small steps you can get there..

The amazing Arthur journey! Be the most determined!


So, there you go, I was going to let you into all the little health niggles I have and how I cope with them….and instead have ended up inspiring myself….I have eaten avocado and eggs and fruit for breakfast….for the last two days I have enjoyed…yes ENJOYED, some light exercise which will lead into a full Arthur journey….and the realisation that I don’t need to be skinny is liberating….


So, yes, I AM grateful for my body, it has served me well this far and now I should look after it and treat it how it should be treated…I don’t drink, I don’t smoke…I will  continue to make cake at the weekend….and I will be the best I can possibly be…you can too!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Geri xxx

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